View Full Version : Roan to 19 E - Oct. 24 -26 - Anybody up for an amazing hike

10-22-2014, 15:25
My buddies backed out, but the weather looks to good to pass up. Plus I have a hall pass from the wife. Planning on getting a shuttle from Mountain Harbors up to Hughes Gap or Carver's Gap and hiking back to 19E. Will either camp at Roan or Grassy Bald on Friday and at the Barn Shelter on Sat., which I'll hopefully connect with a fellow SOBO from '99. Plan is to get back on late Sunday afternoon. Anyway, the balds are amazing around there and hoping the foliage will be too. Give me a shout if you're free and up for it.

IceCreamMan '99

10-22-2014, 16:20
Wish I could! That's a section we haven't gotten around to yet. Was saving it for when the rhododendron are in bloom next spring. Hope you have a great hike.
And :welcome to WhiteBlaze!

10-22-2014, 16:55
was just up there last weekend. It was a great hike.

Have a great time!!!!

Biggie Master
10-22-2014, 17:37
I just did Spivey Gap to Carvers Gap two weeks ago. The leaves were pretty much at peak then. Rained on us for two of the three days, but it was relatively warm for October. After seeing the post about the dead hiker at Beauty Spot, I realized that he was probably less than two hours behind me if he was headed north. I think I passed by there late morning that same day. Condolences to his family.

I won't be able to go again until early December, and I'm hoping to continue from Carvers Gap on into Damascus. Enjoy your hike.