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10-18-2005, 22:37
I was on Nesco's site (my dehydrator make) and they have big link at the bottom to http://www.opencountrycampware.com/

I thought the "About Us" info was interesting

The history of the Open Country® Camp Cookware line can be traced back to the 1930's, having been manufactured in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by Mirro Aluminum Company. They created quality camping cookware that was lightweight, functional, and affordable in price. A fantastic and innovative product line has developed over the years from that basic concept. Even today, attending camping tradeshows, we hear comments such as, "I remember using my aluminum mess kit as a youngster back in the '40s and rubbing soap on the outside to make clean up easier."

The Metal Ware Corporation, based in Two Rivers, WI, USA, purchased Open Country® from the largest manufacturer of aluminum cookware in the world, Mirro Aluminum in 1986. The Metal Ware Corporation has a long standing tradition of manufacturing quality electric cooking appliances that stretches back to 1920. Metal Ware was purchased in 1931 by the family of the current owners, and several second and third generation family members oversee today's manufacturing operations in three modern plants along the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin.

Metal Ware also manufactures other cooking appliances under the NESCO® brand name. The famous Nesco Roaster Ovens have been around for generations. Always looking for new products and markets, The Metal Ware Corporation acquired the assets of American Harvest in Chaska, MN early in 1997, and proudly manufactures and markets their Food Dehydrators and Jet Stream Ovens® under the NESCO/American Harvest® brand name. We've also added a brand new line of indoor electric Health Grills, Deep Fryers, and Deli Slicers.

To celebrate the new millennium in January 2000, Metal Ware re-energized its Open Country® Camp Cookware collection, bringing the product and its marketing alive for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. With a new logo, new catalog, new packaging, new products and a new theme--- "Reaching New Heights - Open Country® Adventure Campware"---the company has positioned the highly successful assortment for even greater success in the new millennium. As one of the last sources of camping items Made in U.S.A., Open Country® represents the highest quality standards for performance and durability. With new non-stick camp sets and individual open stock items, the line provides consumers with the highest levels of performance and ease of use. The future holds exciting possibilities for Open Country® and its growing number of satisfied users. The customer base is wide, international in scope, and growing. Family campers, backpackers, scouts, outfitters, US Navy Seals, firefighting smoke jumpers, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts are but just a part of our base core. We take pride in Open Country®... its past reputation & present development, and we look forward to new, exciting and useful additions to the product line in the future. Please, explore our great campware line. Enjoy one of the most respected camping lines on the market. Please feel free to drop us a note and tell us how we can make Open Country® a better product for you, our valued customer, for tomorrow. I like the sizes and looks of some of their pots - and the prices are really good! They have a 5 cup percolator for $12.99 - that's a great size, can do double duty as a pot and a coffee maker :)

Anyone use them before?

10-18-2005, 23:45
Open Country makes Boy Scout mess kits, and cooksets. It is okay for car camping, and backpacking if you have a hoard of over-active teen and pre-teen boys to haul it up the mountain (slows them down enough that the Scoutmaster can keep up), but not very good IMO for solo backpacking.

For pot consider a titanium. Snowpeak (700 ml, 4.8 oz) and MSR (850 ml, 4.2 oz) are both good pots:



10-19-2005, 01:59
I have an Open Country 2 qt. pot that's cheap and not terribly heavy. It's 7.5 oz. vs. 5.8 for Evernew 1.3 qt. Wish I could find a 1.25 qt. aluminum pot. Haven't seen one, though. Here's the one I have...
It's sturdy and works great.