View Full Version : Hiawasee - Chinese/Thai/Japenese Yum!

10-19-2005, 13:30
The Burger King in Hiawasee changed over last year to a terrific place called Asiana. They have Chinese, Thai, Japanese - both a Tempanyaki room and a separate Sushi Bar/room, the food was very moderately priced and serving sizes were pretty big IMO - super yummy and lots of Veg choices for those that choose that route. The Sushi was really fresh and we ate there on the way in, and on the way out after the weekend hike. Just a heads up for those who are looking for this sort of food!

The owner was eager to have hikers come in. Don't think they are in the guide, need to double check - but I have lost faith in it as it is, as three GAPs, one nice established campsite and two excellent water sources were not listed between Deep Gap Shelter and Dicks Creek Gap.

1382 Hwy 76 W
Hiawasee GA

10-19-2005, 14:40
Amen to that, Smile! It's one of my favorite eating places right now, and the staff is super-friendly. If you're in the Hiawassee area, be sure to check it out.