View Full Version : Merrell Chameleon Stretch Prime

11-03-2014, 17:24
Came across and tried on a pair of these shoes while at a local shoe store. Loved the fit and feel in the store, as well as the particular construction and shock cord lacing, but before I pick up a pair I wouldn't mind hearing first hand from anyone that has hiked in these particular shoes.


Already have the Moab mid and have been very pleased with Merrells.

11-04-2014, 02:29
I don't have the Stretch Primes, but I have been wearing the Merrell Chameleon 4's for the last 3 years in Afghanistan. No serious hiking, but I have been walking pretty much exclusively on dirt/gravel the whole time. I love them for what I bought them for, and have thought more than once that they would make a nice actual hiking shoe as well (I hike in Brooks Cascadias). While most people over here are wearing over the ankle boots that don't breath, I have had no problems with moisture/breathability. They do stink after a while though.

11-04-2014, 09:08
It doesn't mean a whole lot really as all of our feet are so different, but I wear Merrell's pretty much all the time hiking/climbing, and for some reason, the only model of Merrell's I do not like is the "stretch"; the sole is just too flexible compared to the other models so the support is lacking, which allows more foot fatigue for these old dogs. I much prefer the Chameleon's or Moab's.

Sorry, just MHO.