View Full Version : Journal for the Australian Alpine Walking Track

11-08-2014, 19:04
I start driving tomorrow, 10th Nov, to get to the alpine region and place out the food caches for this walk which I start on the 16th Nov. About 6000 kms of driving by the time I get back home in on 20th Dec.
This walk is all about sorting out the gear and getting in some mountain walking over a 24 day period in similar temperatures to the start of the AT. Current temps are 1 - 15C (33 - 59F)

I am keeping an online journal at http://www.trailjournals.com/jjaawt/ for those that may be interested. Not sure how often I will update this as Iím unsure of phone reception.

Or you can track me on https://share.delorme.com/JamesJeavons which uses my Inreach to send my location periodically. It will leave a breadcrumb track that you can see. I won't turn this on until the morning of the 16th Nov.

Only doing about 11 - 16 mpd but there are some big climbs along the way with many mountains higher or as high as the highest on the AT.

Total trip, I'm doing Mt Hotham to Tharwa, with side trails is about 315 miles. The full trail is about 420 miles. Here is a link to the track http://theaustralianalps.wordpress.com/experience/aawt/