View Full Version : Black Diamond Hilight Info?

11-12-2014, 11:11
I have just purchased the Black Diamond Highlight tent. I didn't conduct any research/read reviews prior to buying as the sale price seemed right and I didn't want take the chance of it selling out. The size seems to be more than sufficient for a solo through hike (1-2 person) with a vestibule option for gear. I imagine the extra space will prove important for self tick checks and drying any wet equipment. The few reviews I have read, suggest it's lightweight and will keep me warm/dry (which will come in handy as I plan to leave in early March)...Does anybody have any other good/bad information or advise regarding the product?

11-12-2014, 11:58
Well, not sure what you want it for, but that tent is basically a lightweight Mountaineering tent, kind of heavy for "regular" backpacking at over 3 pounds, but really not bad. but the vestibule probably adds quite a bit of weight too. It is also a single wall tent, make sure you vent it a lot. Really, this is not a great backpacking tent unless you do mostly winter/high/windy mountain terrain. sorry. I own the "Bibler" (pre BD) version, and again, great for solo mountaineering.

11-12-2014, 13:27
Thanks! I've realized that it's not the lightest for doing a solo, but wanted to sacrifice some weight for room/comfort. I plan on starting the AT NOBO in early March so hoping it will pay off for the snowy/wet spring weather. Good to know about the single wall! guessing it would get pretty hot in the summer? So thinking it would be good to swap out around May?

11-12-2014, 16:51
You have two large vents on that tent (one is the top of the door) so make sure you use them even when it is raining , or at least one side with wind driven rain.
I suggest that you stake it down first, makes inserting the poles much easier that way.
As for those poles always pay full attention when you insert them because some have damaged their tent by not holding them correctly .

11-12-2014, 17:09
There are several good discussions and reviews of the BD "light" series of tents. At one time I almost bought a BD Lighthouse in EPIC mainly aimed at mountaineering use when not anticipating regular torrential long duration downpours. Make sure when you read the reviews/discussions to note what version BD Highlight they are referring to as BD switched from EPIC to Nanosphere fabric/technology and under the use conditions the reviews/discussions are based as there is likely(definitely?) some difference in performance and experiences, at least in part, on User ability/awareness.

As Franco mentioned, and especially since you specifically mentioned possibly bringing wet gear into the tent to dry, maximizing venting is likely to be of paramount importance.