View Full Version : Zpacks hexamid bug net

11-12-2014, 18:04
Just wondering if anyone knows how a L/W Neoair xlite/xtherm fits in one? I'm looking to get the hexamid solo plus tarp and bug net, but don't want to give up the comfort of my large Xlite.

11-12-2014, 18:18
I don't have the bug net, but do have a Solo Plus. It is quite roomy. My 60" XTherm had plenty of room at either end. I believe the bug net is made to fit the Solo Plus. My suggestion, give Joe a call tomorrow or drop him an email. Seems to be a very helpful guy.

11-12-2014, 18:53
I used both the x-lite and the BA Q(pad) and had enough room. It does take up some and it will be close but it will work.

11-13-2014, 22:09
In the website pics, Joe is lying on a regular neoair, and has what looks to be at least 12"+ left in width, and a ft in length too.

Of course, the listed dimensions are 36" x 8 ft., so it stands to reason any pad will fit with a bit to spare.