View Full Version : Golite tumalo vs. marmot precip

11-15-2014, 19:19
I was going to buy a precip but now looking at the tumalo. The later is lighter but i have no experience with either. Has anyone had both at one time or another for some feedback? Thanks!

11-15-2014, 19:20
Well never mind. Golite has already sold out of them

11-17-2014, 15:15
I'd still like to hear feedback on the Precip. Will mainly be using it for in town and bike commuting

11-17-2014, 15:37
The Marmot Precip is a fine jacket. The fabric is not particularly breatheable, in my experience, but then very few jackets are. It does have some good features like pit zips and a storm flap over the zipper, and the hood is well designed. The Precip sells for $100 but can often be found on clearance for much less, making it a pretty good value overall. I use mine around town all the time.

For bike commuting it should maybe be long enough in the back - you'll need to check that. In warm or humid weather you'll sweat inside the jacket, like any rain shell at a similar (or even much higher) price point.

11-17-2014, 17:57
Sierra trading has them at $79. Minus 35 percent Facebook discount