View Full Version : Snowed in in upstate New York?

11-21-2014, 17:06
Just wondering if any WB members are snowed-in in upstate NY? :confused:

Tell us what's happening and how you are coping. :-?

Another Kevin
11-21-2014, 22:34
I'm in eastern NY, and no snow here. The storm petered out in the Helderbergs. Two hours' drive to the west of me, they got five feet.

11-21-2014, 22:40
It's lake-effect snow. Buffalo (and Watertown) New York are highly susceptible to it. Rochester and Syracuse also, but to a lesser extent, since they're south of the lake rather than east.

11-23-2014, 14:23
Here in RI we panic at the first hint of snow! :eek: It is a holdover from the Blizzard of '78. Anything over a few inches of snow triggers a run on milk, bread, booze :rolleyes: and snacks. After the first major storm of the season everyone just gets over it and goes on with their lives.

Heard they were expecting flooding as the temperature warms up.:sun :mad:

Hope everyone pulls through OK.

Expecting a Nor'Easter (think of a hurricane with snow) to blow through this Wednesday and Thursday. Don't expect much in the way of snow in the Providence area due to the warm weather near the coast, but it should prove interesting to those to the northwest of the city.