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01-17-2003, 05:22
I was doing some insulation in an addition I am building on the house and while using 'Great Stuff' for some reason thought of pot cozies and how to make one....so here goes
get the pot you hike with, put it in a plastic bag (cinch it at the top with a tie) then put the plastic bag with pot into a slightly bigger plastic bowl, there should be a gap between them and the hiking pot in the plastic bag can sit on a couple of marbles or something similar to keep it off the plastic bowl-maybe marbles will be too big, sub with bearings if you so desire. Forgot, before cinching the plastic bag over the hiking pot fill it with water. Next spray in the Great Stuff starting at the bottom and working up.
They make a Great Stuff that will not expand greatly for use around window sills and it may be a better choice. You fill the hiking pot with water so the normal Great Stuff wont lift the pot out of the plastic bowl. Let the Great Stuff cure and then trim off excess at the top.
Result, a cozy that fits your pot perfectly and is as thick as you want it to be.
Of course you can do this to other vessels of your choosing. I used several (read many) cans and made a very lightweight hottub cover for relatively cheap, after spraying the foam we lowerec a thin piece of plastic sheathing onto it to give it strength, we sprayed the foam directly onto the water....

anyway, any other hiking/backpacking uses for foam?
maybe spray your own pad that perfectly fits your back and laminate the foam to something for strenth, say fiberglass mesh?

01-17-2003, 08:45
I considered using foam, but I was afraid it would melt . I just used several pot holders and wired them together around the pot and on the top. Works impressively. Going to take it up to Cosby Knob in 24 hours. Should be a good test. 8-)

Cheers, manzana

01-17-2003, 13:59
How do you know that stuff is safe for use on a cooking pot??

Hammock Hanger
01-17-2003, 17:57
Everytime I read this title my mind reads: Sgt Rock and other pot smokers.... weird. HH

01-17-2003, 22:31
Great Stuff will burn! the black smoke given off when burning is poisonous...this cozy is intended to use after the pot has been removed from the heat source to greatly extend the time the pot will remain warm-def. not intended to cook with!