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11-21-2014, 18:48
Has anybody used the new ULA Camino 2? I really like the idea of a panel-loading pack.


11-21-2014, 19:47
I've never had a panel loading pack personally, have had several friends who did. One friend who had the original Camino recently replaced it with a Circuit. He didn't care for the panel loader, thought it was more difficult to get frequently used things out of it. Preferred a top loader, where you just place the frequently used items at the top. Another problem that friends have had with panel loaders (the old Kelty Sonora), was zipper failure. That was back in the day when manufacturers put big beefy zippers on the packs. Ended up having to safety pin the pack closed.

All that said, some folks really like them and find them convenient.

11-22-2014, 18:11
I love my Camino 1, a dedicated panel loader. Its main strength is its inherent "suitcase" structure, which eliminates sagging of the pack bag. The pack now has over 3,000 miles on it over three years and is still going strong. Think of the Camino 2 as a smaller volume ULA Catalyst w/ panel access. It has lost the solid-carrying structure of the Camino 1. I gave it a good look over but returned it.

If folks are blowing out zippers on their Camino 1s, it's not the fault of the pack.

11-22-2014, 19:56
I had The North Face panel loader pack and matching waistpack, some years ago.

It was soft, no form. It did not have internal straps to compress the load, or, keep the load from shifting.

The waistpack made it all more convenient for smaller items. I would pull the waistpack around to the front to get in the waistpack.

The soft panel loader was, well, soft. I really could not carry hard items, well. That pack did help me transition to soft items, smaller stove and kitchen kit that would pack well. I ended up purchasing a padded case for the stove and kitchen kit.

It was nice to open it up and not have my gear on the ground, but a little tyvek will solve that, or, pull color-coded stuff sacks out of a top loader. I do think a backpack should not be soft. The fact is, I do not notice anything on my back until the weight reaches about 5 lbs. Realising that, I select a backpack with some form. I like the soft-form back packs, now. Is that what those forms on the back of the pack are called ??? They hold the pack away from my spine, and, are not so much having a sweaty back. If I found a mesh back backpack that fit me well, I would try it.

I went back to a top loader backpack, because I don't want to purchase padded cases for hard shell gear.

That said, more recently I have almost no hard shell gear. I have found more compact and lightweight gear, that packs well.

11-22-2014, 20:37
This panel loader has ccf as a sit pad, opened up.

The North Face Ice Pack Project, 2746 ci.45 liters.