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11-22-2014, 23:48
I'm thinking of trading up to the Soto Windmaster from my Snow Peak Giga Power. The snow peak wind screen is 2 oz, the stove itself is about 1.7X the weight of the soto. The Soto kinda has a built in wind screen. A wind screen cut out of a heavy wt. Aluminum foil cookie sheet should help, brings the wt. up to maybe 3 oz. Snow Peak 2x that. Your opinion and experience appreciated.
And speaking of wind screens, you've got this piece of heavy Al foil say 6-8 in. tall by say 12-14 in. wide. How do you keep it from blowing away? I'm thinking 2-3 tabs of duct tape on the bottom edge, maybe even aluminum duct tape, that way there are tabs to put rocks on and the tabs will fold up when putting the wind screen in your pack.

Dedicated Hanger
11-23-2014, 01:37
squeezebox, a word of caution may be worth mentioning here. The use of any windscreen that encapsulates a fuel canister is not recommended. Any trapped or reflected heat could cause a dangerous life threatening explosion. If you get a chance go read about canister stove explosions on the internet. Some people use the words claymore mine when describing them. The user manuals for canister stoves do not recommend the use a windscreen at all. Just a word of caution. Stay safe and camp long sir.

11-23-2014, 01:55
Double post.

11-23-2014, 01:57
The built-in device is the windscreen for the flame for the SOTO Windmaster.

I had the earlier SOTO OD-1R, with the add-on windscreen for the flame.

It is still at the SOTO website. It keeps the flame where it belongs.

If anyone could, Zelph could build the right diameter and height off the ground you would need for a windscreen for the cookware. It has to be done right, if that is what you are after. It has to be free and clear of the cannister.

Outback Oven Ultralight "tent" is all higher than the canister. It could achieve the results, if I understand you want to keep the heat applied to the cookware.

11-23-2014, 03:13
yes I realize keeping the heat off the canister is critical. The 1st canister stove I bought I made a chimney style wind shield, glad someone told me not to use it, it was a 1st class bomb. I'm talking about doing something like a 12" x 12" wall 2" in front of the stove propded up by tent pegs or such. And hopefully a piece of Al foil under the burner to keep the heat off the canister.
The burner on the Soto looks a bit more wind resistant than the rest.

11-23-2014, 10:59
It is more wind resistant. The design works.

Zelph's forum, bplite, has a participant: Cadyak.

Cadyak makes a StumpRock.

He made the windscreen just right for my Vargo 750 Sierra. http://www.bplite.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=5929&p=48473#p48473

The windscreen sits up high, only around the cooking pot. It is a unique design.