View Full Version : WhiteBlaze.net Articles - How To Post? What are the rules and procedures?

Woof Shaven
11-24-2014, 19:12
I'm working on an article pertaining to Garmin handheld GPS devices and Garmin's Trailhead Series Appalachian Trail Maps.

What is the procedures for posting articles?

Is the article feature still being used?

What's the difference between a general forum post and an article post?

I would appreciate any advice.

map man
11-24-2014, 19:47
On the home page in the left column you will find the article section. The fourth heading from the top is titled, "How to Create Articles." Click on that for a "how to" or click on this link:


Seems like maybe the article you have in mind might belong in the "Tips and Tricks" section, when you are ready to go to a section to create your article.

Woof Shaven
11-24-2014, 20:03
Thank you kindly. I will follow your advice.

I'm a couple of weeks out on finished product still.