View Full Version : Steep and Cheap Men's Marmot Sale - 26 Nov 2014

Old Hiker
11-26-2014, 12:11
Saw this for about 40 more hours from 1100 - 26 Nov 2014:


I have a Marmot Ajax vest - 700 fill - down defender type of down. I'm not too sure about the warmth - haven't been able to judge the warmth here in FL. Its pretty light and I like the pockets.

Hope someone can find something.

11-26-2014, 13:29
I have a down jacket by "Gerry" 650 fill. It is much like the Marmot "Zeus". Has worked well the past few years. I use it as a mid layer/outer...
I have s water proof soft shell for wind/rain.:D