View Full Version : anyone official still working on the t-shirt?

01-17-2003, 05:33
Still waiting on the 'add to cart' button here at Whiteblaze to order my whiteblaze t-shirt? what gives?

SGT Rock
01-17-2003, 10:20
Well my T-shirt maker here was out for vacation and I didn't get to confer with them, then the field. Hopefully I can get back on it next week.

01-17-2003, 11:40
Hey Top ...are these like shirts they used to sell at the pizza place in Damascus. I got one in 2000 but it's a "Blue Blaze" and says "Hiker Trash" on it.
Just curious ...

SGT Rock
01-17-2003, 12:45
We never set on an official design 100%, but the last good idea was two shirts.

#1 for hiking. A green coolmax shirt with the logo on the left sleve. Something like "I [] WHITEBLAZE.net"

#2 for town. A green cotton shirt with the same logo, only on the front.

There wers some designs put forth like these:



01-17-2003, 13:19
Yeah, I can just see me wearing a shirt saying "I follow the White Ones" in Camden, NJ. In the few short seconds I have before being jumped, I'm sure they would completely understand that it's just a trail thing.

01-17-2003, 15:17
I'm planning on ordering a couple of Whiteblaze T-shirts but was wondering where I might be able to get one of the Bryson is a
Candy Ass T-Shirts???

I't would be LOTS of fun wearing one of those based on where I usually hike.

SGT Rock
01-17-2003, 15:50
Baltimore Jack has those, as well as the one about two trails in the woods. I want one of those.

01-17-2003, 15:57
SGT Rock...
You said, "he has them" does that mean that he developed the idea for them...or does that mean he might be willing to sell some, with a donation for an orgainzation in mind???
Any idea???

Jack Tarlin
01-17-2003, 16:12
T-Shirts will be available at Trail Days in Damascus, and eventually thru the mail. The original White Blaze T-Shirt, with the modified Robert Frost quote ("Two paths diverged in the woods. I took the one with white blazes. And that made all the difference") will be available in various colors and sizes; we're working on a few others; we may have prototypes at the PA Hiker Ruck in Pine Grove Furnace Park this weekend. We may also be at the Trailfest weekend in Hot Springs. We'll absolutely be at Trail Days and the ALDHA Gathering in October in Hanover.

The Bill Bryson shirt is kinda on hold, depending on what sort of feedback we get. Right now, there's one of them, and it's mine. If there's sufficient interest, we'll make more.

Will keep folks who are interested in this informed as I know more about models and availability.

01-17-2003, 16:18
Jack Tarlin wrote regarding the Bryson T-Shirts:

depending on what sort of feedback we get

Vote me in for POSITIVE feedback!!!!

Is the ALDHA Gathering just for members only or for anyone interested???

Jack Tarlin
01-17-2003, 16:40
ALDHA is the Appalachian Long-Distance Hiker's Association, the only national group devoted to long-distance backpacking.

They hold an annual get-together every October called "The Gathering". It's always at a different place on or very near the A.T.; this year it'll be in Hanover NH in October.

The Gathering consists of dozens of lectures, slide shows, workshops, discussion groups, on all sorts of things, all concerning long-distance hiking. They always hold the event at a college campus so we have access to auditoriums, projectors, audio-visual things, etc. There are usually hundreds of folks in attendance, many of whom are previous long-distance hikers; many are thinking about it. I attended one of these in 1994 before my first long hike and found it very helpful and a lot of fun. I've attended every one since except for 1996.

Anyone can attend, tho membership is very strongly suggested; attendance at a Gathering is about 17 bucks, which covers admission to any and all events/lectures, etc., this also incluses tentsites for the weekend which are always very nice. This also includes your annual dues to ALDHA, so you'll get newsletters and a very comprehensive directory of other long-distance hikers. This includes a state-by-state list of folks willing to correspond, meet with, or otherwise assist prospective hikers, meaning, if you live in Iowa or Wisconsin or some other outta the way place, and you want to know if there are any former thru-hikers nearby, ALDHA is the place to go to find out.

Anyway, it's a great organization, and the Gathering is a great event. Anyone interested in more information should check out www.aldha.org

01-17-2003, 16:45
Thanks for the link and general information about the organization.

Hammock Hanger
01-17-2003, 17:54
you should. Lots of great folks, many informative & fun workshops. HH

01-17-2003, 18:18
Thanks Hammock Hanger....your endorsement makes me feel even better about going. (I'm sort of shy about groups of people.) I'd love to go for the info and as an added bonus it might even help convince my husband.
Thanks :)

SGT Rock
01-17-2003, 19:25
I just talked to a guy that could embroider the stuff on the shoulder for an on-order system instead of a silk or heat transfer process. It wouldn't be a bulk thing, but it is a way to make them for members intersted. Does this sound interesting?

01-17-2003, 19:41
Yes, it sounds interesting. I would hate for you to get stuck with a large number of t-shirts. Is this something that could be ordered on an as need basis?

And, are you referring to the Whiteblaze t-shirts because I don't want to infringe on anyone else's prototype.

SGT Rock
01-17-2003, 20:08
Yes I'm talking whiteblaze shirts, although I really really want to get one of Baltimore Jack's shirts about the two trails and add a whiteblaze logo for myself.

The thing I have to do is get coolmax in bulk and the right color so I can take them in there and get them done as needed. I figure the price would end up being about $5 for the embroidering, $4 for shipping, $10 for the shirt, and $5 for the donation, or about $24 for a shirt if I went one shirt at a time. Pretty darn pricey for a t-shirt.

01-17-2003, 22:26
As a teenager in 1991 I was buying Led Zeppelin shirts for 13 dollars, they now cost over 30. 24 bucks would not be so bad for a t-shirt, especially if it's coolmax

01-18-2003, 02:15
tell me where to and to whom to mail the check for 24$

01-18-2003, 08:21
Sgt Rock...

$24 for a Cool Max T-Shirt is actually a very cheap price, knowing that $5 will go to help support this site!!!

(As a comparison the Appalachian Money Club charges $28 for their LS Cool Max's and MOST of that goes to support hotel expansion.)

Just my 2 cents!!

SGT Rock
01-18-2003, 11:37
Wow, y'all are more receptive to this than I expected. I'll try and get a coolmax one done. The trick is finding a source of green coolmax that can get me stuff quickly. I have a thought on where to go.

On the other hand, I know I can get brown coolmax by size on demand immediately. The Army Clothing sales store sells them at like $7 a shot.

SGT Rock
01-18-2003, 12:21
Here is a link to a proposed shirt logo for the sleeve.


01-18-2003, 13:05

Is there a way to get just one made first and then you can take a picture of it so members can see what it looks like before there put in an order first.

SGT Rock
01-18-2003, 13:27
I was going to take the guy one of my coolmax shirts and the picture to see what he could do. I can give it a shot. It will be in brown :D

I guess what I need to know is anyone interested in the brown, and does the logo need any changes before I get it made?

Hammock Hanger
01-18-2003, 16:59
I would prefer green, but would buy brown. The logo is fine with me. Short sweet.

As for the price I pay $21 - 25 for my embrodered ADK coolmax shirts. So the price sounds right.


01-19-2003, 02:42
I love long sleeve shirts, even in Summer,,,,think you could offer one of them too?

Also, was there a combination T-shirt mentioned that combined the semi-Frost quote and the White Blaze? That seemed like a good deal to me.

01-19-2003, 02:44
Long sleeve shirts could have white flames running up the sleeves!

01-19-2003, 03:45
If we could get some long-sleeve lightweight/breatheable synthetic shirts by this summer, I'll wear one on my long-trail thru-hike, no problem!

I'll also have my step-mom sew my website nickname (ie. RagingHamster) on as well!

01-19-2003, 11:35
I second Simva2020's suggestion of long-sleeves ...but Ill go with the one minus white flames on the sleeves.

01-19-2003, 12:19
How about white blazes down the sleeves?

SGT Rock
01-19-2003, 12:27
Well that seemed to be the concensus before I went on vacation. Put a shoulder strip like NCO rank on the sleeve. I figure make the blaze to the size or scale of a real blaze, and put some lettering running down the side about WH[]TEBLAZE.net.

01-19-2003, 13:16
I've got $35-$45 for a longsleeve coolmax. But brown? How about a deep green, or ice blue?

I look dirty enough without a brown shirt (lol).

01-19-2003, 23:06
a green like on the website
down with brown, makes me feel like a walking outhouse!
and the lettering down the side of the blaze I hope is the Modified Frost poem about taking the white blazes and it making all the difference!!

SGT Rock
01-20-2003, 00:25
The modified Frost Poem shirt is Baltimore Jack's. I don't want to infringe on his cool idea. I would like to get one of his and add my own WhiteBlaze logo just for me.

Another Whiteblaze logo idea for the T-Shirt:


01-20-2003, 18:43
i like that last one, would that be on the back or a small emblem? i think some of the lettering might be hard to read if it was too small.

SGT Rock
01-20-2003, 18:46
I was planning on using it as a shoulder marking to go on a Coolmax shirt. Seems like the best solution in order to preserve the cooling ability of the coolmax.

01-20-2003, 18:47
oh alright, that would be good, but would it be too small to read?

SGT Rock
01-20-2003, 18:49
Not if you are up close:D

I'm open to suggestions since the dye isn't cast yet.