View Full Version : Merrell Moab Mid -- a caution?

11-29-2014, 08:21
I love the comfort and feel of these boots. No complaints about the fit and it's nice to be able to get a pair in a wide fit. But I feel that need to add a caution as well.

This is actually my second pair of Moab Mids and this particular pair was a warrenty replacement. The issue that I have experienced with this model and the original pair that they replaced is that the leather rips at the point that the lacing eyelet is sewn in. This is exactly what happened to the first pair after I had had them for just three months, and this replacement pair I have had for exactly 2 years with only moderate use.


I am waiting to hear back from Merrell whether they will replace these boots as well. Sadly though, even if they are replaced, after the second exact failure, I do not think I would have much confidence in these to use them on the trail again -- or any sewn in web lacing loops. Its back to actual eyelets for me.