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11-30-2014, 19:46
Does anyone have a overnight hike that is about 10-15 miles that they enjoy in north carolina? I need to be able to get back to the same parking lot.

11-30-2014, 20:53
There are a 10 mile and 12 mile loop in Birkhead Mountains Wilderness that I have done numerous times and it is not far from Charlotte. Just up NC49 outside of Asheboro. Great hikes.

11-30-2014, 21:00
Here is a map

Tennessee Viking
12-01-2014, 09:10
For an overnight in/out on the MST, you will need to look at anything along USFS sections or Falls Lake. As of right now, you need to keep an eye on closures for the parkway.

USFS sections are anything from Balsam Gap near Waynesville to Beacon Heights near Linville. You can also look at Price Park area near Blowing Rock as well. You just need to be aware where Parkway easements end and USFS lands start.

@Price Park you can camp at the NPS campground and hit the Boones Fork Loop trail and carriage roads which parallels the MST in parts.

NC 181 (Greentown) to Beacon Heights has two road crossings along the route. You can either park Roseborough Road @ Graggy Prong bridge or Pineola/Edgemont Road. Very remote trail through here but very scenic. Tons of fords. You will need a map.

The Falls Lake section has 2 State Park campgrounds, 1 Wildlife site (no water/open fire), and 1 site on private property (no water/open fire) along its route. Its easy trail. So you can put in a lot of miles easy.

Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain, or Stone Mountain SPs would also be good spots for hiking and camping real quick.