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12-03-2014, 21:25
hi folks. Long time reader, first time posting. stumble recently on a New-York post article about a fatal black bear attack in west Milford NJ at the Apshawa preserve on Sep. 21, 2014. the victim was a 22 y/o college student from Rutgers university. The bear, a 300lbs male, was killed and human remains found in it's stomach. Aren't black bears supposed to be timid and apprehensive of humans?

Lone Wolf
12-03-2014, 21:27
do a search on here. already a thread addressing this

12-03-2014, 21:41
Sorry...not very much of a thech savvy. How do i find previous posts of this bear attack? I'm kind of freaked out

Lone Wolf
12-03-2014, 21:46

Sarcasm the elf
12-03-2014, 21:48
Here's the link to that thread:

The search feature here is notoriously unreliable. If you ever want to find a thread, just go to google, enter your search terms and then add " site:whiteblaze.net " (without the quotes) to the search. Google will then only give you results from this website.

12-03-2014, 21:56
thank you both Lone Wolf and Sarcasm the elf, will do.

12-03-2014, 22:01
Black bears arent "supposed" to be anything. They are a predator, and a product of their environment. If they lose fear of humans, are threatened, are starving, or learn humans are edible, then bad things can occur.

By and large, eastern black bears avoid humans. That does not mean that out of thousands of bears, there arent a few that break the mold.

Driving a car is safe generally. I would wager we all know several people who have died in car wrecks though. Somehow, no one worries about it, we dont have a choice.

Same goes for bears.

12-03-2014, 22:03
Learned something new-thanks Sarcasm!