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12-07-2014, 14:29
By this time anybody who's going to start at the kick off is already got their plans locked in and this would be a good time to get to know one another. This also may be a good time to figure out a group name which has become popular on the AT. It could be something as simple as just the kick starters or anything else that would be a cool name.

After watching the movie o'brother where art thou I have decided to go with the trail name of BONA FIDE. Hopefully it will be a trail name nobody else has and I like the meaning of it. I have had a couple of trail names from other hikers that I just didn't click with. So this will be the name that I'll forever be known as.

I plan on getting dropped off Friday morning to sign in at the visitor center then hike up the steps to the camp for the kick off. On Sunday I was hoping to have a big breakfast at the lodge and maybe have a get ready set go. If anybody would like to join me it could be a fun way to start the hike. Obviously if the weather on Sunday is freezing cold rain/snow then I will more than likely find a warm dry place to wait it out. I really don't want my day one story to start with I got hypothermia.

I mean this with peace and love that this is not a good thread to let us know it's a bad idea to start after the kick off. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us kick starters are starting early to avoid the party bubble. I have nothing against them but I don't think they have the level of respect and dedication to truly thru hike the trail. I would like to think/hope that kick starters will enjoy getting up with the sun and going to bed with the sun. I have hiked with the party crowd before and I have nothing against them but they seem to get up at noon race down the trail show up at the next camp late and then sit around talking about the dumb things they did when they were drunk. Now that I have gray hair it just seems so boring and pathetic even know it's things that I did too.

So kick starters let yourself be known and let me know if you think a group name or group start is a good idea. If you're thinking of starting on Saturday or Monday it's all good we're still all part of the same group. I think it's safe to say will still be bumping into each other all the away up the trail at some point or another.


2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
12-07-2014, 15:35
Great idea freightliner. Your plans are very similar to mine. Get there, sign in, climb the stairs, do the KO then start out walking toward Maine the morning of the 8th or 9th. Watching my gum babies right now so will wait to add more later but GREAT idea! Looking forward to hearing from the other KO krazies:)

12-07-2014, 20:10
I'm with ya Bonafide and staying with the o brother theme the Sunday morning ready set go will be called the runnoft.

12-07-2014, 22:59
If you hike up the stairs, you will miss the ATKO campground across from the visitors center at the bottom.
Otherwise a good plan.

12-08-2014, 07:39
If you hike up the stairs, you will miss the ATKO campground across from the visitors center at the bottom. Otherwise a good plan.

Okay I guess I better find out where I am camping because I thought it was up next to the lodge. Even so I still would like to do the stairs Friday because I'd rather not do the stairs and 8 miles in one day. If all the meetings are going to be taking place in the lodge and I'm camping down at the bottom that's really going to suck. I really do think it would be a great way to start an AT hike with a big breakfast from the lodge. Being Georgia it would have to be biscuits and gravy with a side of grits maybe some bacon large OJ and enough coffee to say make you say mercy. It's going to be quite some time before you have a decent breakfast again

12-08-2014, 14:03
I backed out of the Kick Starters. Moved in with the the Pack of Fools leaving on April 1st.

"Pack of Fools"...I like that! Staring a new thread!

12-09-2014, 11:45
I'll be starting either March 1 or 2, so we may run into eachother somewhere along our journeys. I plan to start slow so who knows! Good luck and hopefully I'll see you all out there

12-10-2014, 23:57
Planning on starting the trail that Sunday too! I am working on my arrival plans but plan on camping out at the kickoff then heading up bye approach when over. See you there-looking forward to meeting you all!!!😀