View Full Version : Lost Dog in Garrison, NY

12-09-2014, 18:55
The following message was forwarded to ATC today (Garrison is near the Graymoor Monastery).

Do you have a lost animal division? Oct 30th, I found a dog at the mouth of the trail in Garrison, NY off South Mt Pass. Unlikely, but he could belong to a thru hiker and he is from far away. No listings or flyers in the Hudson Valley lost animal sites, nor calls into the police to Humane Soiety. He has been listed on every lost animal site in the Hudson Valley and on Craigslist Hudson Valley, NYC, CT, NJ. 75lb Black Lab or possibly mix. 3-5 yrs old, healthy, trained, well adjusted with other animals ,children and all around. Demands to sleep on the bed :)
Thank you,
Aleta Wolfe

Laurie P.

12-09-2014, 21:56
This brings to mind an encounter a couple years ago outside Damascus @Beartree, met a nobo that was frantic. His dog had ran into the woods about 4 hours earlier, we shared some food and shouted and hollered for the next hour or so, and the hound showed back up. In strange environment deep woods, dogs can get lost. I know many hunters that gps collar all the dogs when taking them into the woods. I know, kinda overkill for hiking but brings to mind keeping a close eye on mans best friend! Sending Love to above Blk Lab, to be taken care of...