View Full Version : Something for your Christmas wish list...

Odd Man Out
12-12-2014, 19:34
Just when you thought you had everything you could want, scientists have now come up with an alloy that is as light as Aluminum but as strong as Titanium. Who wants a $1000 cook pot?


Wise Old Owl
12-12-2014, 20:01
Uh OK don't blame me for sticking to TI and copper. Odd find you have there.

Odd Man Out
12-12-2014, 23:52
The article says

"their unique set of properties mean they can be used as "hydrogen storage materials, radiation resistant materials, diffusion barriers for electronics, precision resistors, electromagnetic shielding materials, soft magnetic materials, thermoelectric materials, and anti-bacterial materials”, to name just a few."

I guess UL pots for backpackers are not a priority for high-tech materials science research. I guess I'll have to wait until next Christmas ;-)