View Full Version : A.T. in 2009

01-17-2003, 16:34
My wife gave me my 50th birthday present early,Go hike the AT in 2009!(I'll be 49 in March 2009,so it's kind of early) Only 6 more years! Just got out the military after 25 yrs. Planning on leaving 11 March 2009.(my mother's birthday) In the mean time I am planning weekend trips to the White mnts. and the Long trail. Anyone looking for a weekend partner let me know.

01-17-2003, 17:43
That's a great present! Maybe if you act obsessed enough over the next few years, she'll let you get your gift a few years earlier? :)

Welcome aboard,

01-17-2003, 23:35
Welcome Hawkeye ...
Maybe in 2009 I'll be ready for another thru. Hang in there and keep hiking. Time flies when you're enjoying yourself

01-18-2003, 10:24
I'm amazed that someone can plan 6 years ahead (or is it just dreaming). Things 6 months ahead are only a glimmer in my eyes.