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12-14-2014, 20:27
Last winter I was looking for biodegradable baby wipes when I came upon the baby food section. I thought wow cool they come in foil packets now so I bought some and hiked out with it. I met up with some thru hikers and they laughed at me and said that gross. So my question is does anybody else hike with baby food?

To me I thought wow fresh vegetables and fruit in a little foil packet. The stuff taste great but it is a little heavy but I'm willing to carry it for as fresh as I can get vegetables. Most of the fruit is okay but it seems like it's just flavored applesauce.

I mixed sweet potato with Ramen noodles and I'll tell you what that was good.

I never did find out if they have biodegradable baby wipes.

JumpMaster Blaster
12-14-2014, 21:20
I too found the foil-wrapped baby food pretty convenient. I used them on my last two section hikes, mainly for the nutritional content (no way would I bring kale & peas out on the trail). For me, they make a pretty good breakfast or snack while I'm walking so I don't have to stop to eat. There are some that are marketed towards adults as well, but the baby/toddler ones have less sugar and unnecessary crap in them.

Rocket Jones
12-15-2014, 07:11
Not a bad idea.

12-15-2014, 19:26
It's been a bunch of years since my kids were babies.....so I haven't had a reason to look in the baby food section of the grocery store. In 2013 I was at a campsite on the AT in Georgia. While making breakfast one morning I noticed a young lady putting dehydrated friut bits in her oatmeal. I asked her where she bought them.....she looked at me like I was senile....and told me every grocery store in the
country sells freeze dried or dehydrated fruit and vegetables in the baby food section! I stocked up in every town for the rest of my hike. Fruit in my oatmeal in the morning and vegetables in my Ramen at
supper. I was "living large"!

01-08-2015, 12:47
Hah! I do! With two under 4 now, it is a section I have spent too much time in :) BTW, a few companies are now even doing freeze dried foods...I have one new brand that just came, I need to review it!

PS: as for bio wipes? Don't look for baby wipes, rather cottonelle and similar wet tp is what you need :)

ny breakfast
01-08-2015, 21:40
last year i tried the yogurt that was freeze dried from the baby isle not bad and i used the fruit for a while in my oat meal for breakfast