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Trail Yeti
01-17-2003, 17:20
Ok so everyone knows Iam going to ASU now right? Well if you didn't you do now.
So I have this class....I can't believe I am taking a class on this...
its called:
The Appalachian Trail: a case study.
How cool is that? but it gets better...
my instructor is Warren Doyle.....
and it includes a Spring Break AT hiking trip!!!!
God I love College!!!!
up here in Boone,
LIFE is GOOD, but its too cold to wear the Kilt!!!
Trail Yeti

Lone Wolf
01-17-2003, 17:25
Hey Yeti. You ever go to the Black Cat Burrito there in Boone? Warren's a hot **** ain't he?

Hammock Hanger
01-17-2003, 17:51
Life is good. I guess I went to college at the wrong time, you know way back when... when you had to study in the library all weekend. Have fun. HH

Trail Yeti
01-17-2003, 19:00
Lone Wolf,
black cat is on the agenda for this weekend, I havn't been yet.
As for Warren, he seems ok....I think I'll reserve judgement until after the class is over. So far though, it seems like its gonna be a really cool class, well thought out.
Also, next time I am in Damascus spending my money at Mt Rogers (does another outfitter better than them exist? I think NOT), we should head up to Dots and throw back a few....trade war stories etc etc....
Hammock Hanger,
trust me, college wasn't this good the first time I went...maybe I had to "grow up a little" to truly appreciate it!!

Lone Wolf
01-17-2003, 19:08
Ask for me at the Outfitter. I'm usually there hangin out. They know how to find me if I ain't. I'll buy at Dot's cuz you is a po college student.

Forrest Phil
01-17-2003, 19:15
Hey Yeti,
This college thing sounds alright. Do they let anyone do that stuff, or do you have to be smart or something? LOL

01-18-2003, 01:36
Yeti, There was a story tonight on the news about this construction company (about a dozen guys) that all wear kilts as their work attire. It's in Denver, Colorado. If school gets too hard I'm sure they could work you in!

01-18-2003, 02:08
well close, actually on ripshin lake but still close to Boone, give me an invite and I will drive over to the Black for a beer sometime...

01-18-2003, 22:41
Hey Yeti, thought of you tonight. I went to see Kodiak at work and one of the cars in the parking lot had a personalized license tag with "YETI" on it. We are gonna take a day or two off the trail in Boone to visit two of our close friends. Let me know good, cheap, large quantity places for food there :-)!

Trail Yeti
01-19-2003, 02:09
Hey Sassy,
we got a Golden Corral.....its even right next to Wal Mart and the Dollar store!!!!

01-21-2003, 10:44
Just wear a sock, that's what I did when it got around freezing.

SGT Rock
01-23-2003, 15:39
I noticed Appalachian State has Army ROTC, hmmm, maybe there is a job there for me.

01-23-2003, 15:59
I've been trying to get a job at Appalachian State for the past two years. But, budget problems have caused them not to hire for a while. Maybe next year. Definitely high on my list for places to end up.