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Del Q
12-21-2014, 16:16
Hi all.......spring hike will be from Springer to Franklin. Where are the best resupply spots?

12-21-2014, 16:41
Neels Gap - Mountain Crossing Store is right on the trail at mile 33.

Top of Georgia hostel is at Dick's Creek Gap at mile 67.5, where you can resupply or get a ride into Hiawassee, GA.

Those two stops should cover your resupply needs.

12-21-2014, 17:13
I think it depends on how many miles you hike per day, and how much food you want to carry, and how much you like hitchhiking.

Mountain Crossings is a no-brainer at mile 30 on the trail
Helen, Ga is a cool town 11 miles off trail at Unicoi gap, mile 53 ish
Hiawasseee/Dicks creek gap is 70ish

At any time in Ga, if you want to pay for a shuttle and night at Hiker Hostel (18 with great breakfast) , they will come get you, then return you to trail the next day, and you can ship your resupply to them. So basically you can resupply anywhere you want, as long as you are willing to pay for the shuttle. When shared with others, the shuttle prices can be very reasonable.

They slackpack some people all the way thru Ga, often section hikers that start the trail and have knee problems right away.

If it were me, Id resupply at Mountain crossings, and that would be it until Franklin.

Lone Wolf
12-21-2014, 19:00
Neel gap, Hiawassee and/or Helen. but send a mail drop to Neel gap. too expensive otherwise

12-21-2014, 21:50
Hiawassee is half way so I would resupply there. Plus it's only 20 miles from Neel gap, which at worse is only one night, 2 days away so you don't need to buy much, or anything at all at Mountain crossings. The couple of times I've done that section I just buy some snacks at Mountain Crossings to get me the rest of the way. It seems to always rain on me going into Neel gap, so I end up staying at the hostel. And if you stay at the hostel, you might get all you need out of the hiker box.

12-21-2014, 22:01
Hiawassee is half way so I would resupply there.

Actually, Unicoi Gap (52.9 mi) where you can go into Helen (9 mi) or Hiawassee (11mi) is about halfway to Winding Stair Gap (109.8) where you can get to Franklin (10 mi).

However, I think most resupply at Mountain Crossings (31.7 mi) (drop or buy) and go into Hiawasse at Dicks Creek Gap (69.6 mi).

12-22-2014, 11:05
Start with 3-4 days of food.
1st resupply Neel Gap ( send Mail drop way too expensive to buy food their )
2 Hiwassee ( Dicks creek Gap/ their is a new HOSTEL about half mile from the Gap if you stay the night they will shuttle you into Hiwassee to get resupply for free they do except mail drops their, it's a cool place and cool people this resupply will get you in to franklin.

12-22-2014, 11:25
My $.02 on the mail drop suggestions at Neel Gap:

That's what I did, but wouldn't do it again. I checked their prices after I picked up my drop box and found it was cheaper just to resupply there. Sure, my actual food items were cheaper, but shipping costs made that option more expensive. The only time I would ever recommend a mail drop is if you use your own freeze dried food. Otherwise shipping costs make it prohibitive.

Further, when you resupply on trail you get to choose exactly what you feel like eating at that point. When you do a mail drop, you're stuck with what you thought you might want several weeks ago. :)

Del Q
12-22-2014, 21:42
Thanks, the new hostel is not in my 2014 book, that is perfect. 2 drop ships, easy. GREAT NEWS

12-23-2014, 18:57
Thanks, the new hostel is not in my 2014 book, that is perfect. 2 drop ships, easy. GREAT NEWS
it just started last spring so it wouldn't be in the 2014 edition, it should be in he 2015 if you can get one.
the name ( Top of GA and it's run by Sir-Packs-a lot he is a WB member so you might be able to P.M him )
I think they have a web page.

12-24-2014, 11:50
Thanks so much for all the info here. Im hiking Davenport Gap to Springer in March and Top of Georgia Hostel sound perfect for my trip! Love these forums!

12-27-2014, 04:18
Mail drop to Neil's Gap. If you know what you need. Everything there cost twice as much. Don't go to Helen. It's a tourist trap. Hiawassee is your best bet. More options in town. If you hustle to the trailhead you can get a room at the Budget. The beds suck but it's in the center of town and there are at least two pizza places in town that deliver if you need a rest. CVS and Subway is within walking distant.

12-27-2014, 05:29
Top of Georgia Hostel was very busy in 2014. I would make reservations when you are a day or two away.

12-27-2014, 06:49
Definitely will make a reservation. Thanks for the tip tpike2!