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12-21-2014, 18:33
In this video Shug shows how he bakes with alcohol:


12-21-2014, 18:56
I never would have belived this if I hadnt just watched it. An ounce of fuel.
I'm gonna try it.

Feral Bill
12-21-2014, 19:56
I'm getting ideas.

12-22-2014, 11:22
After watching Shug's video, not entirely scientific but a good apples to apples comparison, I was impressed by how the non bunt pan cooked versus the bunt pan.

I will try this in the not too distant future as I can see some near adaptations of good ole southern biscuits for breakfast. Now to just dehydrate some livermush.

12-22-2014, 11:26
The Shug had me at hello. :)

Rolls Kanardly
12-22-2014, 14:09
The principal behind the baking is the same as an oven. Keep the cooking pan away from the heat. In college we had a deep electric skillet where we would take three metal nuts and place them in the bottom of the skillet. We could cook pot pies like you would in a oven. The heat would travel thru the nuts to the pot pies and only burn three small areas. A small price to pay for a cheap meal. I made a hobo stove from a Ikea utensil drainer. I found a stainless bowl at a surplus store and ground the bottom down to where the disk would drop into the container. I added three small nuts and bolts to make a place for the disk to ride on. This disk became the bottom of my oven. I took some metal skewers, cut to length to stick through the holes in the container to position my baking pan above the disk. Took a little while to bake but it works and the weight is minimal.
I do like zelph' alcohol stove. It is much more compact than my hobo stove. And a whole lot less fuss.

12-22-2014, 14:48
Thx for another video Shug.

Pilot B