View Full Version : Mid-March 2015 start, looking for a hiking partner!

12-23-2014, 02:40
Hi! I'm a 22yo female, originally from SC, living in OK now. I'm planning on a mid-March start and it would be nice to at least start out on the trail with a partner for some company. It would also give my mom a lot of peace of mind. Let me know if you are looking for someone to at least begin the hike with!

Joe Rogowski
12-23-2014, 11:08
im starting march 20th you can hike with me if you would like

12-23-2014, 14:20
End March ,first of April for me.

12-23-2014, 15:26
You will undoubtedly meet a lot of hikers early on. It shouldn't take too long before you'll find people you'd like to hike with.

Don't fret about your Mom worrying about you. That's what parents do.

Good luck on your hike.

12-23-2014, 16:30
I'm starting late March/early April and am also looking for someone to start out with. On top of that, i'm looking for fellow weekend warriors to get some overnight trips in before the trail. Want to make sure i'm completely comfortable with all my gear selections. I live in GA but am not limited to the state, some of my favorite trails are in NC.

Speakeasy TN
12-23-2014, 19:07
In '11 I started on March 17, midweek, and I think there were just over a dozen of us at the shelter that night! You'll have plenty of company. I met a kid in the lot at FS42 who I hiked with about a week. You'll have time to get to know folks. I'll be leaving about that date next Spring, see ya out there.

12-24-2014, 10:17
Hey Skye15. I'm in the process of trying to hike all of the Smokies trails in preparation, and am close to the 600 mark of the 791 miles of trails and I know we are going to do a 2 night traverse of Lakeshore Trail on the south side of GSMP the last weekend of January if you are interested. A good resource is Meetup.com (join Meetup and subscribe to the Great Smokies Hiking and Adventure Group). The Lakeshore hike hasn't been posted yet, but various day and backpack hikes are posted all the time. I will be starting April 4.