View Full Version : Osprey Youth Jib 35

12-25-2014, 21:18
Gearing up my oldest son and hoping someone may have one they want to part with.

not sure that I get PMs...

12-26-2014, 00:44
Have you considered the REI Stoke 29 (http://www.rei.com/product/848005/rei-stoke-29-pack-2013-special-buy)? The size large is 31L and the weight is only 1lb 8oz (less than half the weight of the 3+lbs Osprey).
The REI pack is currently in the REI Outlet for less than $70.

12-26-2014, 21:21
That's a great deal - but he's 9 and think that pack would be too big for his torso. He doesn't carry much - so the weight doesn't make a huge difference.

Thanks for the suggestion