View Full Version : Safe Hiking Colors

10-24-2005, 22:25
For solo hikers (or small ladies-only hiking groups) do you find it better to "blend in" (brown/tan/green/khaki) or "stand out" (red, yellow, royal blu) when choosing your clothes, packs & gear?

10-25-2005, 14:36
I want a mixnmatch option. You want to be visible, like blaze orange so noone mistakes you for bambi in the hunting season. But you also don't want to become a target for some drunk wierdo. I would go bright for clothes, blend in for shelter. Thats a generalization though- I would go for a bright hat, "normal" colours for clothing and whatever I can get but blend in for shelter.


10-25-2005, 14:40
I'm leaning more towards the "blend in" theme. I don't tend to be someone who wears a lot of bright colors normally so its more just in line with keeping with my norm.

What I do wish is that they would make some of the wicking shirts out of a muted print instead of just the plain colors - the only prints I can find are generally obnoxious pinks and purples - bluuuuckkkkyyy :D

Red Hat
10-26-2005, 12:35
Why are there two of these polls?

11-09-2005, 22:27
As it's hunting season, I'm voting "stand out", as I just purchased my blaze orange to hike this fall/winter. The rest of the year, though, I like to "blend in".

Whew, my blaze orange hat is BRIGHT! :banana