View Full Version : Asolo neutron gortex

12-30-2014, 13:45
Has anyone had any experience with this boot?
Sierra Trading Post has them for a pretty good price but I haven't been able to find many reveiws for them...

12-30-2014, 15:04
There are many comments that Gortex, in hiking shoes and hiking boots, clogs and then the water does not drain out of the shoes.

I have heard the AT has many water crossings. It is better to have the water drain out of hiking shoes, than be held inside. In addition, feet sweat. It is better for feet to be in footwear that has mesh. That is my experience.

the hiking shoe and hiking boot manufacturers are providing with and without gortex. The model you like may be available without gortex.

12-30-2014, 15:18
those are kind of heavy boots, you might want to look at the Asolo Reston boots, several ounces lighter.

Damn Yankee
12-30-2014, 15:31
I bought boots with gortex and they are very hot in the summer and make my feet sweat. Nice in the cooler weather though. I would however but trail runners without gortex and plenty of mesh.