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01-01-2015, 10:46
I just posted the below content to someone else's question about a field guide for birds, when I realized some folks who might be interested in this sale would notice the above title more, so sorry for the duplication.

There are a *bunch* of Audubn guides on sale for $.99 until January 5th, 2015 (I think that was the date) for android and for iPad. There are more guides available for iPad, but there were birds, flowers and trees for both systems. I think that for the iPad, there was a four guide set (birds, flowers, trees and ???) for $2.99. There are also some of the regional guides and a couple of state guides (California and Florida, maybe). Anyway, even if the Audubon guides aren't the absolute best guides, for a buck or two, they're pretty handy. I got four or five a few years ago, and I've gotten a lot of use from them. For the bird app, there are usually a few pictures for each bird, including male, female, young, breeding and non-breeding season plumage. There's a tab to click on for the song, and another for the map. And another place to click offers information about the bird, like behavior and migration. Again on the bird app, you can identify your location (either you input it or it checks your GPS location) and you can see what others in the vicinity have seen and reported recently. I guess some folks can say that they saw "red plumaged crowned flapdoodles," but mostly I find where people report reasonable birds for the time of year and the area, and it helps me look closely at the keys to those species, and then I can compare to the bird I'm looking at, and often, the previous poster was correct. I'm not particularly good at bird watching, and so I really appreciate the hints. I've enjoyed having those apps, and since they're on sale (mostly for $.99 right now), they're cheap enough to buy any that interest you.


01-01-2015, 14:05
Downloading, as we speak. However, I will have to use my tablet for more capacity.

These apps use up all the storage on my 16 GB iPod Touch.

These apps use more storage than StarWalk, maybe more than all my iBird apps.

Beautiful apps, however. In Search: Audubon.