View Full Version : Vapor Barrier Liner help

01-04-2015, 15:11
I'm looking for a good lightweight 5-6 oz sleeping bag vapor liner and I saw the WM brand, the campmore version at 11 oz and some on an English website think??? Any who, can anyone please tell me where to find a 5ish to 6 ish oz. silnylon VBL. Thanks in advance!

01-05-2015, 18:28
RBH makes one at like five and a half. They make VBL everything pretty much.

I actually own one, but never have had the chance to use it. I plan on it though. Really curious how well VBL's work.

01-05-2015, 18:36
Thanks. Perfect!!!

Del Q
01-05-2015, 21:13
I like the Western Mountaineering liner. Super light, high end "space blanket". Have also used it just IN the bag, not me in it, seemed to help on the warmth side. Have been really cold a few times and getting into this felt like a mini oven which was cool.........and needed at the time. For the weight I carry it when it is potentially COLD, like my next hike mid March NOBO from Springer or in the fall in Maine.