View Full Version : smart phone recommendations, for a dumb phone owner??

01-07-2015, 11:51
Not real sure if a phone is gear, or media so I am posting in general. I am looking at a
KYOCERA BRIGADIER SMARTPHONEas it is water ~~proof, drop ~~proof generally tougher than most phones. I have a verizion plan that is just ending. I wonder if any of you have experience with this phone and is it what it says it is.

I have a waterproof shockproof freezeproof camera that works great except during high humid days it takes foggy pictures. I want to use to phone for gps, map, journal, texting, weather forcast. etc. I am still bringing a camera for a thru hike this year. Not being a smartphone user I am not real sure of what I want.