View Full Version : Torso Length

10-26-2005, 18:56
What are the proper reference points to use when measuring torso length, in regards to getting fitted for a pack?

10-26-2005, 19:18
Here's one pack maker's way of doing it. I think it's typical, but you might want to do further research about the brand you're interested in.


The Solemates
10-26-2005, 19:19
yea, it depends on the brand.

10-26-2005, 21:36
The best way really is to try on the pack. Otherwise, it is something of a crap shoot. If you have to mail order the pack, I'd simply go on the small-medium-large idea. I've found that most "medium" sized packs fit me better than "tall" or "large". As I'm 6'4", I found this rather amusing.