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01-08-2015, 18:35
anyone know what years Dan Bruce AKA Wingfoot produced his hiker guide the "Thru hikers Handbook"
and maybe what years the philosophers guide was produced. i have a 1990 Philosophers guide & most of Dans books from 1992-2007
thanks in advance

Lone Wolf
01-08-2015, 18:58
he took over the PG in 91-92 i think

01-08-2015, 22:09
thanks L.W. Happy New Year to Gypsy & you

TJ aka Teej
01-09-2015, 01:44
Maret's Philosophers Guide started in '83.

edit to take away an extra r :rolleyes:

01-09-2015, 15:36
thanks for the info Teej, i personally enjoyed wingfoots books the most. i have a collection of his books, added a 1993 a couple days ago.
i only have 1 Philosophers guide so far 1990. hope all is well my friend Happy New Year!