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johnny quest
10-26-2005, 19:08
Gonna put this out there and see if anyone is interested in responding.

Future Thru-Hikers! Answer the following:

1. what year do you currently plan to thru-hike?

2. what is your main reason for this timing?

3. do you plan to sobo or nobo, and why?

4. what activities do you participate in now, other than hiking, to keep you motivated toward your thru-hiking goal?

I will start:
1. 2008
2. kids all graduated and gone.
3. sobo, because it will best fit in with taking leave of absence from my job
4. trailblaze.net, reading books, mags and websites about at, puttering with my gear.

10-26-2005, 19:17
1. 2006
2. kids all graduated from high school (I'm not waiting for them to finish ALL their schooling since at least two are talking further graduate school.)
3. SOBO, because it will fit in best with leaving my job for six months, or permanently
4. reading TrailJournals and Whiteblaze and books; puttering with my gear; working on the planning stuff (spread sheet, meals, etc.); writing a TJ with planning info and section hike reports; socking away $ for the hike; walking/jogging/doing knee and back exercises.

10-26-2005, 21:24
[QUOTE=johnny quest]Gonna put this out there and see if anyone is interested in responding.

Future Thru-Hikers! Answer the following:


2. Recently became self employed, so time off want a huge factor. Want time to plan/train/gather equipment/practice/get finances in order.

3. nobo, no specific reason, something about hiking in NC, GA during hunting season... & logistics.

4. Whiteblaze.net, hammock camping group on yahoo, books, other hikers online journals, practice/putter with equip.

10-26-2005, 21:53
1. 2007
2. My son will be inbetween high school and community college so we can hiek it together.
3. NOBO - better with timing, etc
4. Web groups, reading literature, getting gear, and most imporatntly for me, nurturing my Christian faith

10-26-2005, 21:55
Ack, sorry for the spelling errors!!! I hit reply before looking.

10-27-2005, 14:18
1. 2006
2. Want to do it before I get out of college and have to try getting a "real job."
3. SOBO - works best with my school schedule
4. Lots of Trail Journal reading, checking forums here at WhiteBlaze and Trailplace, researching gear, planning food drops, talking to people who have also thru-hiked, working out (my mantra while working out is "If you can't do this last mile/rep/whatever, how are you going to make it to Springer?"), talking about it incessantly to people who are tired of hearing about it, etc.

SGT Rock
10-27-2005, 14:25
1. what year do you currently plan to thru-hike?
2008, April

2. what is your main reason for this timing?
Retire from the Army

3. do you plan to sobo or nobo, and why?
NOBO - works with my schedule and the weather the best

4. what activities do you participate in now, other than hiking, to keep you motivated toward your thru-hiking goal?
What else do I need besides hiking?

10-27-2005, 16:12
newly divorced and in a financial position to take of from career (granted my budget plans holds up)
SOBO- I live in GA so symbolically I'm walking home!
Lots of trail running, at the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day, reading non-stop everything I can! Talking with other thru-hikers, hiking every chance I get.

I think one of the best things I've learned from is criticism and listening, truly listening to what others suggest.

Green Bean
10-27-2005, 16:19
Well hopefully 2008. That is the year i graduate.
Throw a lot of frisbee. Ride my bike a lot. GOT a job!
~Green Bean~

10-27-2005, 16:53
Year: 2008 Sgt. Rock, we gotta Talk!

2. It's the year I turn 50 plus it's the year my oldest is 'supposed' to graduate college.

3. Nobo. I want the comraderie of the Trail, hike into Trail Days. A Sobo would probably work in better with a leave of absence from my job, but I'd rather do a NObo.

4. I read, hang out in outfitter's stores, play with gear, Buy Stuff :D

Spartan Hiker
10-27-2005, 17:09
1. 2008

2. Earliest year that allows me to be finished with other committments that precluded me from making an attempt in the past.

3. NOBO. Prefer the date range and climate changes this option offers. Also looking at an April start date.

4. Reading and research. I already have most of the gear, but some major components needs replacing/updating. I am definitely leaning towards using a hammock and going reasonably light (total weight:30-35 lbs).

10-27-2005, 17:25
I think, hopefully: 2016

Reason: out of debt, kids gone, nearly elegable for retirement.

NOBO, just because. Plus, I like the idea of "walking with spring" :clap

Am working bodacious amounts of OT with the hope of going sooner, as the major handicap is Debt. :datz

In fact, were I debt free, I could leave 2006 March. Even have permission from my employer to take 6 months off, no loss of "time served" etc.


10-27-2005, 19:44
1. April 2006
2. It's finally just the perfect time. :)
3. NOBO ~ I'm originally from VT and I want to finish my journey in Maine ~ never in my life even considered a SOBO hike.
4. Lots of hiking, reading trail journals and talking to past/present thru hikers I've met online, at Gatherings, or on the trail. I don't need a lot of motivation to keep me focused on my goal...it's been a long time coming. :)

10-27-2005, 19:59
1. March 2006
2. I past by the oppurtunity after college, and now's my chance.
3. NOBO: to finish at Katahdin
4. Whiteblaze, Trailjournals, Planning, and dreaming....

10-27-2005, 20:04
1. February 11, 2001 (2-11-2011)

2. Youngest child will have graduated from high school and off to college.

3. NOBO Like the seasons better going North.

4. Section hiking, whiteblaze, trail journals

10-27-2005, 21:00
1. April 2006

2. going through a divorce, not sure where to go from here, planning on moving when my divorce is final anyway...always wanted to do it. It's just time I guess


4. Reading alot of stuff on this site, dehydrating veggies, trying out my gear, working an extra job

11-01-2005, 12:10
1. 2010

2. It's a nice round number to remember, and it gives me plenty of time to acquire gear and do some practice runs. I'll have to take a year off school to do it, but I'm only going to school part time anyways. Hopefully my work will give me a leave of absence. The other reason it's so far off into the future is it gives me time to buy a house and get ahead on the payments enough and save up enough money that I can hike and still keep my house, and have enough saved to actually hike :)

3. I plan to southbound. I guess it's a bit different, and the first journal I read was southbound (Tinkerbell) so I guess that's how I envisioned the trail, and hitting the 100 mile wilderness early will be a lot of fun. Also there isn't as much pressure to finish by a certain time, I'll be able to hike my own pace and enjoy myself. Also it'll probably be a bit less social, and while I'm not anti-social I view the AT as a way to figure out just who you are on the trail. So it'll give me plenty of time for quiet contemplation.

4. I read whiteblaze and trailjournals. I also run for fun in my spare time so it's helping me get fitter for the eventual thru.

11-01-2005, 17:50
April 2008
Why then? So I can get some debt paid off and because it will take me that long to convince my family that it is a safe thing to do and they can do without me for 6 months.
This year I took my grandchildren out on an overnight camping trip/hike to introduce them to backpacking. They are the ones that I will worry about the most. We are really tight and when I introduced the idea of their "nanny" being gone for 6 months they sob. Now my 9 year old grand-daughter wants to hike with me.
I have followed the journals of current hikers and have started to formulate a hiking plan.
I practiced my backpacking skills on a solo 5 day in the Porcupine Mountains in Upper Michigan.

11-01-2005, 20:43
1. 2008

2. Our Daughter will be the last one to leave for college.

3. NOBO, don't want nothin to do with black fly season.


11-01-2005, 22:26
2011. My youngest daughter will be out of college and wants to go, too.

NOBO. Primarily because I want to "walk with spring". It's actually a little more difficult for us to NOBO because we have to wait until the year after she graduates. I still think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Backpacking as much as I can. Trying different gear to see what I like best. Reading WhiteBlaze daily.

Jail Break
11-02-2005, 08:40
1. Aiming for 2006

2. Can't wait any freakin' longer.

3. Northbound. South just seems backwards for some reason.

4. Reading as much as I can, Getting a job at Eastern Mountain Sports, Trying out new gear, Meeting new people to hike with.

11-02-2005, 09:22
June 2006

Flip - flop starting in SNP Going north

I allways wanted to thur hike the AT. I will be 50. I will also be a new RN. So i figure there is no problem finding a job when i finish in Dec. in Ga.

Its all i think about now is the trip! It provides the motorvation I need the finish nursing school. Hey, you try nursing school at 50, and a male...lol...Im the only male in most of the classes...lol...But the idea of hiking the AT keeps me going.

11-02-2005, 09:53
1) April, 2008
2) My financial plan has me debt-free by mid-2007, so financially that works best for me. Also, I'll have 10 years of continuous service with my employer, so when I beg for a five month leave of absence, I have hopes that it will be approved.
3) I'll be NOBO.
4) Mostly trying not to spend money, and spending lots of time on websites such as this. And browsing through camping stores. Next spring I'm going to start working out (I really want some muscles before this trip, especially in my abodomen...I have weak-weak-weak abs), and I plan to do some hikes through the Arkansas Ozarks and through the Middle Tennessee Plateau to prepare for hill climbin'.

11-07-2005, 01:53
1. what year do you currently plan to thru-hike?

March 1st, 2006

2. what is your main reason for this timing?

I've been working for a year and a half at a job I know I have no interest in making a career. I finally have my grad school applications in order, and plan to attend school again in the fall of 06 working towards a masters and hopefully a doctorate. I figure if there's a time to do this massive undertaking, the time is now, while I'm still young, not tied to a job, and unburdened by life's typical restrictions (kids/family/etc.).:clap

3. do you plan to sobo or nobo, and why?

I have roughly 6 months in which to complete the AT because I must be ready for grad school in early September. For that reason, I must go NOBO.

4. what activities do you participate in now, other than hiking, to keep you motivated toward your thru-hiking goal?

I read almost non-stop on the subject. I've lately been posting and reading on WB, and I've been planning the logistics of the hike non-stop. ;)

11-07-2005, 03:47
1.) What year are we going?

March 1stish

2.) What's our reason for this timing?

Because we want as much time as possible on the trail before October.

3.) Do you plan to SOBO or NOBO

northbound for us, mostly because we get to leave earlier! :D

4.) What activities other than hiking, do you participate in, to keep you motivated for your thru-hike?

I'm active in physical fitness, rock climbing, swimming, reading, haunting Whiteblaze, but truely don't feel it necessary to motivate myself any more than I am. This has been a dream as long as I can remember!!

11-07-2005, 17:51
1. March 8 or 11th, 2006; Because I said so
2. Between transferring schools, taking spring semester off
3. NoBo; Why? See #2
4. I'm a bum, there is always time later to become motivated.

11-07-2005, 22:01
1. March 2006 - finally!

2. For no particular reason Now has just fallen into place. We're not getting any younger and fate is with us.

3. NOBO. We thought about SOBO however the idea of walking to Maine just seems to have the most appeal to two old Southeners. Leaving home and walking into the beauty of New England seems like the right direction for us.

4. Lots of research - thank goodness for WB. Running daily. Hiking as often as possible. Saving $. Taking a lot of good advice.

11-18-2005, 10:25
1. Mar/Apr 2008
2. I return from a deployment to Afghanistan in late 06. That gives me the summer of 07 to do a short thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail. Then retire early 08 and hit the AT.
3. Nobo. Seems like the logical choice.
4. Treadmill, stationary bike, stairstepper. Research various sites for info.

stalo man
11-18-2005, 18:02
2.want to do it before im thirty
3.Nobo, cause i want to start early to be home for my birthday.....
4. research, keep in shape, go hikingaround the polar circle in europe, get all the gear i need from my store