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01-13-2015, 15:10
anybody know what a patagonia Nano-Air is?

01-13-2015, 15:23
I know Patagonia Nano-Puff, not nano-air

01-13-2015, 15:34
It is a new type of synthetic insulation from Patagonia. The claim is full temperature range insulation so you don't need to add or remove layers. I just received an email about it from Patagonia earlier today. I am happy with my nano puff.

01-13-2015, 17:37
Patagonia has a fabric and materials webpage. I can't find it right now.

Maybe aerogel insulation?

When that appeared, it was truly expensive.

The ripstop nylon is "soft face". I like that.

The "soft face" nylon will not "bite to the bone cold" when touched in cold weather.

01-13-2015, 17:52
Here's the link

Just Bill
01-13-2015, 17:56
It has jumped to the top of my list of things to buy this spring during the 50% off sale.
(Note to self- this is the year I go in and try on women's clothing so I know my sizes. Laz- at your size you could rape and pillage the overstocked women's clearance wear)

It's the newest flavor of Primaloft- I am going to see if I can get some because it looks like it would make pretty badass sleeping gear.
Likely it's Primaloft One with some lyrca fibers blown into the batt to help it bounce back from stretching. Current PL ONE just tears apart as it is short staple fill. Or it's a continuous filament version of PL, which would completely replace APEX.

PL one is roughly equivalent to 600 fill down on it's own- officially it needs to be quilted 6" OC- so it's not as widely used outside apparel. Some MYOG folks have used it- I will be one of them soon enough.

The new puffball stuff is PL in non batt form also (PL torn apart). So all the "best" synthetics are some version of PL.

Patagonia calls it-"Full Range" and list it as 60g- which is roughly the same as the existing Nano-Puff stuff. (3.0 PL GOLD).
Primaloft does not list it on their site- likely it will remain a Patagonia product for some time. Of the two- PuffBall and Patagonia's- Patagonia's is way better.

That said- previous "stretch" shell material is prone to rapid DWR loss of performance. Patagonia has some of the best DWR, but I would not expect water repellency to last long at all on this piece. The Nano-Puff shell would still be better in that regard- but in anything serious- you need a shell anyway and it's a nit-pick.

01-13-2015, 18:41
50% off sale?! When?

This Nano garment-line isn't "soft garments" then?

It is windproof? Not? Not a little?

The emphasis is stretch, no-sweat, then wear a wind and/or rain shell? That about it?

I am thinking, wait for a sale.

When are the Patagonia 50% off sales?

Just Bill
01-13-2015, 19:06
Sales are typically end of season- usually all four seasons but discount's vary.
The biggest sale is usually in March and features the winter gear.
You can sign up for a e-mail or mail notification.

Keep in mind- many popular styles and colors are gone, and Merino rarely goes much more than 30% off. I typically check things out during the season and hope that there is something left at the sale. Women's gear is more common- so one day I will check that out.

In my best buyer beware caution- try on their stuff before you buy- cuts vary and their pieces are sized for layering (a good thing).
That said- full return and warrantee privileges apply to clearance items.

Technically- the sale is always going- http://www.patagonia.com/us/shop/web-specials?k=ga
But basically by the first day or two most desirable items are gone- otherwise they sit in the specials part of the site until the next sale.
Overstock typically goes to Dicks Sporting goods or REI Outlet.