View Full Version : Willy Wonka has nothing on Rolls Kanardly !

Teacher & Snacktime
01-15-2015, 19:39
This year, Snacktime and I are proud to announce that we've received some wonderful and enthusiastic help with our trail magic bags!

WBer Rolls Kanardly has compiled some new goodies for the recipients' enjoyment, as well as including an occasional GOLDEN TICKET! Ten or Fifteen lucky hikers this year will find one of these tickets rolled up or folded in their bag, and will then be eligible to receive one of a plethora of prizes generously provided by Rolls and ATTroll. Instructions on how to collect said bounty will be on the back of the ticket.

We're hoping to send off some of the bags to far-off lands for distribution this year (like Crazy Larry's, Uncle Johnny's, Harper's Ferry Hostel, and of course HikerMom's....and maybe a few more places), so you won't have to necessarily bump into Snacktime and I on the trail to get one. But we hope you do! We LOVE meeting folks on the trail!

29571 29572 29573

Deer Hunter
01-15-2015, 22:32
That was nice of Rolls and ATTroll to pitch in and help you out, Teach. Good people here on WB. :)

01-16-2015, 00:10
Cool, kudos to you all for puttin' that together, very nice indeed and very generous!

01-16-2015, 00:23
It was interesting RK relating how he got that name as he shuttled me from the Phoenix AP to Apache near the Phoenix Grand Enchantment Tr TH in the Superstitions this spring. Thanks Rolls Kanardy. :)

Teacher & Snacktime
01-16-2015, 01:06
Rolls told me about meeting you and the shuttle, Dogwood. He is happy and eager to help hikers, and wanted to be a part of AT trail magic. You should see the goodies he put together for the bags themselves aside from the big gift idea! Snacktime and I get to enjoy handing out the bags and meeting folks for him :)

01-16-2015, 08:51
Hey Teacher,
Do and Snacktime you have plans for hiking any particular sections this year?


Rolls Kanardly
01-16-2015, 11:41
Teacher & Snacktime, Deer Hunter, rocketsocks, Dogwood, Furlough

This is going to be so much fun. I wish I could be there to meet everyone.

And to all the rest of WB'ers hiking in 2015 the magic word is "Gumballs"


Teacher & Snacktime
01-17-2015, 00:49
Lots and Lots of Gumballs!

Furlough, we haven't made any solid plans yet, but we are thinking about Delaware Water Gap area into NJ this spring. Is there anywhere you'd like to hike? Maybe we can get together!