View Full Version : Anyone wear Arcteryx Ramparts?

01-17-2015, 13:54
Its been a while since I owned a pair, can anyone tell me if the waist runs large or small and the same for the inseam? I'm ordering on the web and would prefer having to return due to bad sizing. I'm typically 32/32, but am considering 32/30, any thoughts?

note: that's 32 waist, 30 inseam.

01-17-2015, 19:27
Problem solved.

01-21-2015, 19:19
My long time hiking buddy really likes Rampart pants and has several pairs. He is a freelance piano player in the New York City area and he wears his Arc pants almost all the time, including on gigs. He thinks, in the dim light of a club they look "business casual." :)

I too have one pair of Arcteryx Rampart pants. I like them for packing in a carry-on for an airplane trip, but not so much for hiking.
For backpacking and camping I prefer something with deeper, more secure pockets. Current favorite is nylon Rail Riders.