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01-19-2015, 12:59
This is my gear list for my upcoming thru-hike. Please rip it apart and tell me what I need to change or take out. Thanks!
The highlighted words are things I still need.

Synthetic short-sleeve t-shirt: 2 Running t-shirts
Synthetis long-sleeve top: 1 Columbia
Midweight synthetic long-sleeve top: 1 The North Face

Fleece long-sleeve top: 1 Mountain Hardwear
Rain shell: 1 Marmot Precip
Lightweight synthetic trekking shorts: 2 The North face
Synthetic jacket: 1 The North Face Red Point Primaloft
Socks (three pairs):1 Darn tough 2 smartwool
Underwear: 2 pairs: underarmour and adiddas
Gloves (2 pair): Big Winter gloves and running north face gloves.
Fleece hats: Road Runner Brand ear hat thing and normal fleece beenie
Light weight running tights for cold weather:1 Road Runner brand tights
Light weight cold weather long underwear tops and bottoms: Sports Performance Wear
Scarf/face warmer: Road Runner Sports brand


Internal framed pack: Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 3lb. 15oz.
Down sleeping bag: North Face Trinity 3lb. 6oz.
Sleeping pad: Thermarest ProLite Plus 1lb. 7oz.
Tent: (I will be going with a friend of mine and we will be sharing a tent): REI Quarter Dome T3 but if he bales half way or something I have a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2
Trail Runners: Brookes Cascadias 9
Trekking Poles: Black Diamond Trail Back 1lb. 4oz.
Headlamp: Black Diamond Spot
Canister stove, fuel, and lighter: MSR Pocket Rocket, coleman fuel canister
Cook pot with lid (titanium or ultralight aluminum): GSI Pinnicle Soloist
Spork (I have like four of these things and you would be able to have one): Light My Fire spoon/fork/knife Hybrid: 1/4oz.
Water filter: Sawyer Squeeze
Knife: Victorianox
Small first aid kit (include Imodium, ibuprofen, and cold medicine):
Map: AWOL AT Guide 2014
Insect repellant: Not needed until spring
Toiletries: Tooth brush, tooth paste, toilet paper, wet wipes, gold bonds baby powder
Stuff sacks: 4 Outdoor products
Small notebook and pen: Black journal with pen
Phone/ camera: Samsung Galaxy S5 and charger
Rain cover for Backpack: Deuter
Wallet: Butterfly wallet
Bear Rope: Orange paracord type rope
Pack Towel: 1 small pack towel
Gators: Dirty Girl Gators with Velcro things for the shoes
Rain hat: Gortex rain hat
Hiking gloves (might not take but putting on list): 1 pair
Bandana: 1 red bandana
Portable Phone Charger: power rocks

01-19-2015, 13:02
The highlighted items were not highlighted but here is what they were. North Face running gloves, fuel canister,and 2 lighters,

01-19-2015, 13:19
Get some black paracord so the bear dont see it. They've learned to look up for the ropes. They make they'r living off hikers & you dont want to be stuck 3 days from town with out food....
Smarter than your average bears ;)

01-19-2015, 13:25
Ps. As a hammock hanger I have an ENO Pro Fly for a shelter. I would still want one even if I were a tent hiker. It goes up in seconds when your caught in a down pour, & gives you a dry area to put your things while you set up your tent. Staying dry keeps you out of town, which saves you $ & gets you up the trail faster.

01-19-2015, 13:29
Only need one SS, and one pair of shorts.

I dunno what an ear hat thing is... Is that like a head band? If so, I bring one on top of my beanie also. I overheat in a beanie even on cold days when moving.

You'll want a single pair of pants to wear over thermals, it'll provide a lot more warmth then two pair of tights.

Rain pants would work for the above, but I don't see any rain gear... Your rain hat won't be of much use alone in Appalachia.

What's a butterfly wallet? (Sorry if I should know, the obvious sometimes eludes me)

I like how you put the color of the bandanna down. (Red is fine if you plan on visiting south Baltimore while on trail)

Take the lightest spork. You won't be pencil fighting with it so it shouldn't get broke.

I'd shoot for a lighter pad, even if it means a couple cold nights, 1.7 is kinda up there imo.

Goto the Zpacks website and buy some zline, or similar cordage from dutchware. Much lighter, stronger, and won't stretch as much. 10 bucks maybe.

That tent is a house. It's doable though as long as you don't try and act chivalrous and make her do her part. Personally I'd want something else, but a tent can be expensive and I'm not going to suggest you spend that much hard earned cash.

01-19-2015, 14:51
Have you weighed everything yet? What is your expected weight?

Lots of tops in your clothes list. Think layers and not so much multiples.

01-19-2015, 16:04
I recommend "geargrams" and a grams-ounces weigh scale like the Ozeri brand ultra thin digital kitchen scale I recently purchased from cooking.com to help make a gear list, for example: http://www.geargrams.com/list?id=22273

digital kitchen scale

This helps to objectively examine what you have and helps to consider purchases.

I have three lists at geargrams: SUL, UL, and LW. I will add camping. It helps to examine gear in pounds and ounces, as well as with the metric measure system.

04-10-2015, 08:38
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