View Full Version : Spring Break GA hike

01-22-2015, 13:23
My girlfriend and I are planning on doing the GA section March 23-29. We are capable of the miles and have a decent amount of 3-season backpacking experience. My question is, what kind of weather should we expect? I know it's pretty unpredictable, but what would you bring in late march?
I was planning on bringing:
Montbell UL Down Parka
100wt 1/4 polartec fleece
Capilene 2 L/S
MH Powerstretch gloves
Fleece pants
Supplex Nylon zip off pants
OR Helium 2
I have a merino beanie, but I was thinking about getting a polar buff or warmer beanie, thoughts?

TT Double Rainbow with liner
Exped Synmat UL 7
I was thinking about bringing a torso size piece of reflectix for a boost if we get some cold nights, thoughts?
Thick wool socks
30 deg EE revelation
Nalgene for hot water if needed

Do you think this should be enough? Anything I missed would be appreciated.

01-22-2015, 16:19
I've hiked this section several times in March. I've had weather from low teens to highs in the upper 70s. Seriously. Your list looks fine, though I probably would bring a warmer hat and some sort of waterproof rain mitts. Most likely precip is cold rain. I'd also have a short sleeve base layer to hike in if it gets warm (and sunscreen). It's still late winter up there, and on some days a very cold wind blows constantly across the ridgelines.