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01-23-2015, 14:37
I hope a few folks have time for yet another gear review. I am starting my northbound thru on March 26. My pack or base weight is between 17 and 18 pounds. Here is a link to my gear on geargrams:


The only "worn" items I've included are my Smartwool 150 weight long and short sleeve tops as well as bottoms. I'll be wearing some combination of those with the standard convertible pants. I welcome any advice, critiques, suggestions, etc... If you can think of anything I've left out or anything that is redundant, please let me know.

I'll be swapping out my 20 degree bag for a 30 degree quilt as well as sending home the 250 weight underwear, gloves, etc... once conditions permit.

Thanks in advance - I appreciate your insight.

01-23-2015, 15:23
Looks good. A few thoughts:

I have never needed a ground cloth for my Notch.

2.40oz for nail clippers is heavy. The large size I use are less than 1oz. The small are 0.4oz.

Not sure if "all components" for your JetBoil includes the stand and fry pan adapter, but I would leave those at home. Never needed the stand with any of my JetBoils.

Pack liner and pack cover? Liner only is my preference, but both will not hurt.

Overall very good list.

01-23-2015, 16:28
Looks like lots of layers.

I am not much for long johns bottoms: too warm for me.

I wear "silkweights" and add a wind shell. For top layers, I have one merino and a snug-fit windshell I have vented the entire sideseams with mesh. This keeps me back from having to adjust inner layers often.

If that could work for you, you could save on both weight and volume in the backpack.

I think your rain jacket and rain pants are "heavy". I like rainwear I can open up and easily ventilate. I get much too warm, hiking. Maybe you can try out your rainwear as you intend to use it on the trail, at home, by hiking around town in the rain.

Instead of a headlamp and a handheld light, consider a led cap. It has two light levels, at least. Panther Vision brand: the newer versions have the led's mounted under the hat brim, instead of on the edge of the hat brim.

I have a REI led Trail Cap. I love it. Mine lights up the world on the hi-beam setting.

The LightHeart Gear Hoodie Pack Cover covers head/visor, shoulders, shoulder straps of the pack and the entire backpack. Looks like a good value.

That is all I can think of. Nice list!

edit: The Gossamer Gear Ground Cloth (polycryo) is light weight and low volume and very tough.