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01-26-2015, 21:27
I'm planning to do a 9 to 11 day section hike (not sure which yet) in the late May, early June time span, and I'm looking for recommendations as to a good section to hike. I would prefer a stretch somewhere in the Springer to mid VA area, and will be flying in and out, so will need a section that can be accessed easily by a shuttle service. Beyond that the next most important consideration is to find an especially nice stretch to hike. Realistically I think I can handle anywhere from 12-15 miles a day. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

01-26-2015, 21:39
Hi, I'm from Virgina and have hiked everything from mid-PA south to just south of Fontana Dam ... I'll be doing Georgia in April. But is you are looking for favorite sections in NC/VA I would suggest either Damascus North which would include Whitetop, Mt Rogers, the Virginia Highlands area. Obviously how much would depend on your daily mileage. The OTHER section that I would recommend is the "Balds" in NC ... so between Erwin and Hot Springs. You can add at either end if you want to do more miles. Both of these sections are favorites of myself, my daughter, and others I have hiked with.

01-26-2015, 21:43
Sorry, I stated that incorrectly ... the Balds are between Erwin and Roan Mountain....

01-27-2015, 09:57
Damascus north to Roanoke (or bail-out points south of Daleville) would make for a great hike at that time of year.

01-27-2015, 14:26
Thanks for the suggestions Turtle and Kerosene... sounds like you both think that heading north out of Damascus would be a great hike! I'll do some more research on that area as well as the Erwin to Roan mountain stretch. Thanks for helping me with some places to consider.

What would the expected weather be at that that time of year... still a chance or serious cold temps or could I count on warm weather? What about water supplies, any concerns?
Thanks again!

01-27-2015, 15:08
NOC to Hot Springs may be one to look into as well with the great smokies and max patch as highlights.

0.0 US19-Nantahala River, NC
29.6 Fontana Dam, NC
103.4 I40 Crossing, TN
137.3 Hot Springs, NC

You could bail at I40 standing bear hostel if you don't make it as far as you'd like.

I am sorry, I don't know anything about the shuttle service in this area.

I am doing the smokies around that time.

01-27-2015, 16:20
The 40 mile section north out of Damascus is my favorite section to date....roan mtn close second

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01-27-2015, 16:57
You should be able to do Springer to NOC in 11 days I would think if you don't take a zero. You could start at the NOC and hike south which would put you closer to transportation to Atlanta when you finish.

As far as scenery you get Albert Mtn, Wayah bald, Wesser Bald, Blood Mtn and get to complete all of Georgia.

01-27-2015, 18:32
I highly recommend Hot Springs to 19E near Roan Mountain - should be about 10 days worth of hiking with a nice stop in Erwin about halfway.

01-28-2015, 13:10
I too am looking for a hike of the same time and roughly the same length. I was looking to go from the northern end of GSMNP to Erwin or maybe a little further. Just like BHam asked, what is the average weather like at the high elevations? I have a summer quilt (UGQ 50 degree with 2 oz overstuff) so I am good down to low to mid 40s. Would this do, or would I need to take my 20 degree quilt. Sorry BHam I am not trying to jack your thread. Just have a very similar situation.

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01-28-2015, 18:39
Thanks for all the suggestions... I'm still researching so this gives me some good ideas!
Hot5nics... no problem... I asked about temps because I'm trying to decide which bag to bring also.

01-28-2015, 19:56
The Balds in North Carolina are fantastic!! But don't overlook Pearisburg to Troutdale Va (near Roanoke) Includes the Dragon's Tooth, MacAfee Knob and Tinker's Cliffs. Hopefully not too far north for you. Puff Turtle

Del Q
01-28-2015, 20:51
I once asked a thru hiker what his favorite state was, he replied, NC/TN border.

Have to agree that these are amazing sections.

Diversity, views, cool towns..........lot of pluses

01-28-2015, 21:14
[QUOTE=puffturtle;1941514 Pearisburg to Troutdale Va (near Roanoke) Includes the Dragon's Tooth, MacAfee Knob and Tinker's Cliffs. [/QUOTE]

Start this hike by spending the night at Woods Hole Hostel,(Sugar Run Gap) the night before. One of the better Hostels on the trail ....rustic , yet very nice.
Have Michael shuttle you 11 miles south to VA606 , begin there by hiking north to Troutdale, Rt11 . Distance ~ 10 days = 120 miles.

* Slackpack the first day, 11 mi. back to Woods Hole , spend another night and get another great home cooked meal .