View Full Version : Bartram Trail & Hunting Season

10-29-2005, 10:09
I plan to hike the BT this winter (either in Nov or Dec)...anyone know how "dangerous" this trail may be during hunting season? I'll wear orange anyway, but, as the trail is not in a park area, I'm wondering if I should delay a hike of this trail to another time and hike somewhere else. Thoughts?

10-30-2005, 19:51
Don't worry. Wear orange. Hike whenever. Drink the water. Have fun.

I leave anything out?

10-30-2005, 23:34
I leave anything out?

Yeah, bundle up!

10-31-2005, 19:30
Thanks...just trying to appease those left behind (the husband worries!)

10-31-2005, 19:52
In NC you can't hunt on Sunday, so that might help :-)...really, I can't think of a section of the Bartram that would be too bad as long as you are wearing Blaze Orange. I usually wear a vest and hat.

Mother Nature
10-31-2005, 20:15
The BT is beautiful, especially in NC. Bundle up. I backpacked several of the northern sections in November a few years ago and it was near freezing every morning. Have fun. Never saw any other hikers.

Mother Nature

The Solemates
11-01-2005, 10:15
I cant remember if hunting season had begun when we hiked the BT, but we did do it in the fall. we never saw any hunters, and only saw 2 dayhikers on a saturday during our entire hike. great solitude on that trail. there are some overgrown rhodadendron sections that are fun to navigate though....at least there were several years back