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01-29-2015, 14:52

I'm looking to get into the tarp game. I'm not very picky but I would most definitely prefer the size to be between 8x10 and 6x8, with 7x9 being perfect!

I've been looking at new tarps and they average around 10-13oz so I would like to stay within that range as well. The more tie-outs the better! (no metal grommets, pls)

I'm willing to look into all reasonable options (cuben tarps if available in my price range) including DIY, used, and new.

Let me know what you have! Thanks

01-29-2015, 16:36
I have a 7 x 8.5 mil-spec Multicam Tarp. 11 oz.

For example, this is a mil spec Multicam tarp. http://www.bushcraftoutfitters.com/G2-Multicam-Tarp-10x7-tarp-10x7-mc-g2.htm

There are four grommets on each side, two tie-outs for the ridgeline. The mid-point of the ridgeline also has a tie-out. Never used: $80

02-07-2015, 18:00
I have a Gatewood Cape for $100, and a Intregral Designs Silshelter $85. Both are in good condition.

02-07-2015, 20:04
I have one a little smaller. Mountain Laurel Designs 5 x 8 with stuff bag. I will ship it in-country for $42. Great condition - I just have too much gear.

02-10-2015, 20:07
I have a brand new Six Moon Designs Deschutes Tarp for sale. Factory seam sealed, never set up. I'd sell for $145 shipped. Weight is 13oz

02-28-2015, 11:21
Thank you everyone! I did find a tarp to try.