View Full Version : Luxury hiking for one month..April or May 2015? Anyone want to join me?

NYC girl
01-29-2015, 22:25
I want to hike for about 3-4 weeks, but don't want to camp
I am a 42 year old woman who wants to get in shape again,
and enjoy the beauty of the trail.
I would want to do the PA part of the trail, with the intention of staying in a hotel every night
anybody interested in this sort of less rigorous hike ????
please let me know, thank you ! Allison

01-29-2015, 22:39
April could never be luxurious as may. April is freezing. I think this thread should be in another sub forum like Hooking up.

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NYC girl
01-30-2015, 00:10
Thanks for the weather advice.....not looking to hook up, just looking for hiking buddy who doesn't want to sleep in tent/sleeping bag.., but rather, in a hotel...separate rooms

01-30-2015, 01:10
Logistically you've got some work to do. I'm hiking and camping the whole trail for the first time so I don't know how far you need to hike each day to find a hotel room. Figuring the cost of 30 days you're looking at $3000 or so to lay your head down. But....... if money's not an issue then drive on. Don't short change yourself of the body/mind experience you could have by sleeping on the trail and chatting up new people. Just my two cents. The people on the trail will be very supportive..... Anyway....

01-30-2015, 01:51
I'm curious to know how far you would have to hike per day to be able to get a hotel every night. . . I'm not familiar with the PA area. (I'm not trying to be a smartie, here, really.) I'm not sure I could do it even for slacking.

01-30-2015, 06:24
The hooking iodine forum is to find partners and such.

01-30-2015, 06:34
although its been 15 years since i Hiked PA AT, I do not believe you could hike that section and stay and in a hotel everynight. I remember staying in only one hotel in PA section and it was a dump. Your idea might work further north in new england.

01-30-2015, 06:58
I've never been to Vermont, but this sort of hike there might fit your needs.


Another (perhaps more economical) way to hike days while sleeping in hotel beds at night would be to spend multiple nights at attractive locations from which good day hiking trails radiate out in various directions. A person with the necessary funds could spend a month doing that enjoyably in many places.

Are you accustomed at all to camping? If not, consider getting used to that gradually, starting by camping from a vehicle. If you enjoy that, then consider trying backpacking.

01-30-2015, 07:09
Check out Maine Huts and Trails. They have a hut to hut system and will even shuttle your gear. Hot showers and they cook the meals every night. Right now they only have 4 huts but its a start.

Damn Yankee
01-30-2015, 08:33
Thanks for the weather advice.....not looking to hook up, just looking for hiking buddy who doesn't want to sleep in tent/sleeping bag,....but rather, in a hotel...separate rooms

The hook up section I not a section for hooking up with a date. I's for someone like you looking for a hiking partner

01-30-2015, 08:34
You might want to look at the AMC huts in the White Mountains, they are group bunk rooms but the make you breakfast and dinner. Your not gonna be able to stay in a hotel every night in PA.

01-30-2015, 09:01
Look into Shenandoah National Park's central district. You can stay at Lewis Mountain cabins, Big Meadows, and Skyland. Also, consider a section starting At Bears Den hostel in northern Virginia heading north. You could stay in Harpers Ferry and there are a number of road crossings in MD where you can get to lodging off trail.

01-30-2015, 09:06
The two posters gave some good info. The hut to hut, and New England area is loaded with b&b's and hotels. Pa your not likely to find a hotel. Motel yes but seedy.

01-30-2015, 09:17
In general you would need to be comfy with 20+ mile days for PA, also comfy with things like 5-8 mile days (which can be harder then the 20's) and that should get you thru most of PA without a night out in the woods. But you still may have to arrange a shuttle on occasion like from the stretch out of Duncannon to Lickdale, apx 35 miles with no listed place to stay inbetween, however there are road crossings and shuttle services.

The trail is almost at the point in sections where such a thing that you want to do is possible (hike bed to bed) but it's not there yet. Another great section for this is MA southwards, has a lot of overnight possibilities about 10 miles apart (again a shuttle may be required in sections), however this (and CT) is where stays really start to cost $$$.

There are other ways to do what you want to do as well such as using a car (your own or a rental) which is more a a traditional way to day hike a long section.

It is a nice luxurious way to travel and on a shorter trip I may try organizing one such trip soon as I've been wanting to try it with a group.

01-30-2015, 09:40
Thanks for the weather advice.....not looking to hook up, just looking for hiking buddy who doesn't want to sleep in tent/sleeping bag,....but rather, in a hotel...separate rooms

Yea hooking up is not a sexual partner forum, it's for finding fellow hikers to hike with.
As to hotel hiking in PA:
There are plenty of hotel options in pa: waynesboro, (beat up motel available but if it's raining it works), The Hostel at Pine grove Furnace,boiling Springs/Carlisle you can access three hiking days,straight days to a variety of venues from a 4 star hotel to hostels to The legendary Allenbury, not to mention a good long hiking day later The Doyle in Duncannon is available. A little north of that is that Iron Bridge with the Days inn nearby. And after that it gets a little more sparse, but Port Clinton/Hamburg offer overnight options (microtel in Hamburg is very nice), palmerton has the Old Jail hostel and I'm sure something else, Blue Mountain Summit has that inn/bar right off the trail. Wind Gap has options, and DWG does of course,at my estimation that's 11 points of overnight stay in the state, that's not too bad.

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01-30-2015, 09:49
The Hotel Doyle! :confused: That's the only place I stayed were I treated my water. Great food and owners though. Not a place for someone looking for hotel qualities.

01-30-2015, 09:56
OP mentions "luxury hiking" - I think many of us view any kind of lodging as luxury. She might have in mind more "NYC" style luxury. If so, that's going to be awfully hard to find along much of the AT imo...

01-30-2015, 11:08
Basically she's looking to slack pack PA. The only way it could be done efficiently would be with shuttles or with a car. That could be two people with one car or two people with two cars. In any event, as pointed out it would be a very expensive hike, way too much money to hike through a state like PA! If she were willing to share a room with someone, that would make it a little more affordable.

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:14
Thanks for the advice ! :)

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:19
Thank you ! I am new at this....obviously ! I really appreciate the feedback and suggestions !

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:19
Thank you for the clarification ! oops !

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:21
Thank you...I will go further north , and maybe end May-June ! Thank you for your input ! :)

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:27
Thank you for the Vermont link ! I was in Lexington KY last July , we stayed in an RV at the KY Horse Park...loved it !

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:31
Thank you !!!! Looks charming !! I will definitely try to do this and the VT recommendation !!

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:33
Thank you ! I appreciate the help !

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:35
Looks beautiful ! Will have to try ! Looks like I am New England bound based on the Forums' recomendations ! :)

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:46
thank you !!!

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:47
Thank you !:)

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:55
thanks for the info and advice....would like to join a group...please let me know ! Thank you ! :)

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 20:57
WOW ! Thank you !!!!!

NYC girl
01-30-2015, 21:01
Hotel Doyle looks scary ! just watched Mariano Barrera's vid on You Tube .....

01-30-2015, 22:27
Take a deep breath, relax, and step out onto the trail, You'll be okay in a tent and cooking for yourself, instead of restaurants and hotels. You won't die of hypothermia with a little knowledge. Don't be scared be brave.

02-02-2015, 08:32
What you may want to consider is not necessarily the AT, but find locations that you can use as a "base camp" per se that is central to a trail dense area.

Stay in your hotel as base camp, and then hike the day hikes that exist in that area. If there aren't enough, then spend a night or two there, then move to another trail dense area and do all the day hikes in that area. Hopscotching to new spots every few days.

Just a thought....