View Full Version : Chrome Dome Umbrella alternative

01-30-2015, 17:47
It looks like they stopped making these :(. Anyone have a suggestion for an alternative of similar price/quality?

Thanks :)

01-30-2015, 17:58
You are in luck, they are in fact still made. I do not know how much GL was selling them for, but they were not the ones making them, as I understand it. I didn't do any of the "leg work"; but a man by the name of Kieth Foskett did, and posted it up on the 'net: here (http://www.keithfoskett.com/different-identical-story-two-umbrellas/)

Google: EuroSchirm Swing Liteflex

hope that helps ya out,

Rain Man
01-31-2015, 12:34
You are in luck, they are in fact still made. ... here (http://www.keithfoskett.com/different-identical-story-two-umbrellas/)

Thanks. Just ordered one from Campmor.com!

Rain Man


01-31-2015, 13:09
Had one of these bout a year, works great and shows very little wear.

01-31-2015, 13:15
I ordered one from Campmor about a month ago.

Just Bill
01-31-2015, 13:32
Please note- You need to pick the silver color to get the UPF. The other colors are just plain fabric, only the silver one is apples to apples.