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02-01-2015, 13:55
I want something light that I can cook burgers, pancakes, etc, a small skillet. A bit ago I asked if the cookpot lid actually worked as a skillet. The answer was no. So I went online and T-Fal sells cheap coated Aluminum cookware. So I ordered a 6 inch square griddle without the handle 4.5 oz.. I also ordered what they call the one egg wonder, a 5 inch skillet 1 inch deep. 4.7 oz with handle. So I cut off the handle then took it to the table saw, cut a tab where the handle hole is, then I cut the sides down to about 1/4 inch deep, sanded the rough edges, put in a 2 inch bolt for the handle and voila a 2 oz griddle, 4 inch diameter. Yes it is small, but enough for burgers, it will take a while to make enough 4 inch pancakes to fill up on. But generally I think it's a success.

02-01-2015, 14:42
I have a 6" square griddle I used when I was a caretaker. Got pretty good at flipping pancakes using a pot grabber for a handle. I still use it on occasion for an overnight or weekend trip, but it's a bit too big and heavy for a longer trek.

I did the same thing you did to a one egg wonder pot, removed the handle and reduced it's height, but I used a hacksaw and that was a lot of work! But now you'll have to carry a plate to stack the pancakes on and of course, your going to have to use real Maple syrup. (Hope we have a good season, it's coming up in a few months.)

One thing your going to have to be careful of though. Since the pan is so small and the sides so short, when you cook anything which is greasy like burgers or sausages, the fat splatters or runs over the edge and catches fire. It can make a real mess. (been there, done that) Be sure to cook anything like this well away from shelters and campsites and make sure you clear the area around the stove of any combustibles. Then there is the question of what to do with the grease and still observe LNT practices so not to attract bears or other critters like raccoons and skunks.

02-01-2015, 17:15
Maybe a piece of Aluminum foil under the pot to catch the grease, let the grease cool put it in a ziplock.

02-01-2015, 19:34
I have an old style GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Cookset. After at least 10 years of regular use it is still non stick and requires minimal oil for frying (when I make pancakes the oil just rolls around in beads). The pots and the lids just require wiping out after use. I usually don't even wash them until I get home to store them.

Because it is out of production I don't usually bother to recommend it. Then today I saw that I's being sold by Sierra Trading Post.

The set consists of 2 pots and 2 fry pan lids made of nonstick-coated aluminum, and a pot grabber designed just for them.

For a thru-hike I'd probably just bring one pot and pan lid, or if you really just want a good fry pan then bring just the pan/lid.


02-03-2015, 13:58
I was under the impression that the lid to the Snowpeak Trek Titanium could be used as a fry pan. http://snowpeak.com/collections/cookware/products/trek-900-titanium-scs-008t?variant=671149681

02-03-2015, 15:33
I want something light that I can cook burgers, pancakes, etc, a small skillet. A bit ago I asked if the cookpot lid actually worked as a skillet. The answer was no.

I looked at that topic you mentioned/started, and a bunch of people told you their lid worked fine for a small skillet... (4 people said "yes", 2 said it wasn't for them). So I'm confused.

Another Kevin
02-03-2015, 17:06
I've not yet found a really suitable solution to that problem. And I've recently hiked some trails that - well, I'd like to go back to them, plan short mileage, and bring lightweight fishing gear. And that would again raise the question of "what can I use for a frying pan?" I do like trout. :)

02-03-2015, 17:32
i use the one egg wonder, available at all chain stores in the pot and pan section. I have used it for eggs and pancakes

02-03-2015, 17:43
I use my Vargo Titanium Sierra 750 for pansize trout, in half. This pan is 750 ml, 2 cups water is 600 ml for hot water. By this means, I have been using only one pan. I have the Snow Peak Hybrid Spork and Spatula. Before that I had Guyot Designs.

I have used the 4" T-Fal with the handle removed mentioned in this thread, that works well.