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Green Bean
10-30-2005, 20:59
We were hiking the MAryland Section of the AT when we stayed at the Pine Knob Shelter. there was a group of kids camping 100 yards down from us at a nice camping spot. They ended up being very friendly poeple and we hung out with them around the fire and they showed us a rock face almost straight up from the privy (the AT doesnt cross by it) Then we went down this trail that was unmarked(this was at night when we were doing all this) and we walked and walked and nobody knowing what was coming ecxept john just had a feeling there was somthing coming up and we shine our flashlights up and there is this shelter with two bunk beds and dating back to 1974 and had to be built long before that. So we keep on walking and come to what looks to be a foundation of a house and a brick fire place in front. We then came to another shelter then head back to get some sleep. THe next day we went up and found another shelter. I just thought it would be interesting to find out more about the area and why there are three abandoned shelters and an old foundation of a house so if any one knows anyhting about what i am talking about could ya please email info to Element1850@aol.com Thanks!! ~Green Bean~