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02-01-2015, 18:33
I had my hear set on a GoLite BitterRoot, But I just found out they went out of business.

I have been looking around all day. My requirements are......
I am 5'9'' 190 lbs with 30" waist and large ches,t shoulders and arms. Slim cuts do not fit.
replace my fleece
A pound would be nice, 1/2 would be nicer, 2 oz would be best.
I would prefer black because I live in Annapolis and I would feel silly weight traffic cone orange in to a nice dinner down town.

I was checking out the

But the black is $130 more than the cool colors.
I am totally open to cottage industry recommendations.

Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations.

02-01-2015, 18:36

About 10oz I believe for the XL.

I have the Alpine Light parka and a large weighs 14oz. It is a little warmer though.

02-01-2015, 22:35
MontBell has smaller arm holes than the Marmot. If you're top heavy like me Marmot just fit better in the pits.

02-02-2015, 00:09
If you are looking for a Biterroot replacement, don't get the UL as it is more for three season use. The Alpenlight is somewhat more similar with 4.3 oz of fill weight vs the 5.3 oz of the Bitterroot.

This one by Montbell is actually more similar to the Bitterroot however. Same fill weight.

02-02-2015, 08:54
What sort of conditions do you plan on using it in?

Just go to Chick & Ruth's, the orange will fit in fine. Granted, dining at the Treaty will probably be out...

02-04-2015, 17:13
I usually go out in cooler conditions. I don't like the hot.... I Do have warmer coats for cold weather. But I plan on doing the Muir trail this summer. Last time I did the Muir trail I took a mountain hardware windstopper fleece and gortex shell and a beanie.

This summer I want to take the hooked down jacket/ hoodie and dri ducks.

02-04-2015, 18:05
One of my favorite pieces of gear, 3/4 zip fleece pull over, USMC issue, tan, about 13 oz but no hood. You can get them on ebay.

02-04-2015, 20:42
This summer I want to take the hooked down jacket/ hoodie and dri ducks.Perfect warm, dry versatile combo for the JMT.

Too bad Montbell probably would not fit, but I sure endorse them if one might. I own 3: the UL down sweater, the UL down parka (only difference is it has the hood), and the Thermawrap (synthetic sweater). I cannot say enough good things about this line of UL jackets.

02-04-2015, 20:50
Perfect warm, dry versatile combo for the JMT.

Thanks! last time i was there i only had an hour or two or rain.

02-06-2015, 21:32
The Sierra Designs jackets are really nice, they are great for the mountains but also fashionable, so good in the city. Check out the Stratus jacket, it comes in a nice blue colour. It's on sale now at REI (they have tons of jackets on sale now at the outlet). http://bc25.com/coupon/mega-deals-rei-outlet/

02-06-2015, 21:46
The Mont bell would be my first choice and the Sierra designs jacket is nice too and comes in a little under 1 lb. It is also super cheap right now as mentioned above. Check the outlet on Mont bell' s website too.

02-06-2015, 22:20
I just got the Montbell UL Down Jacket (no hood on this model) through Amazon from Backcountry for $109 no shipping charge. Ordered Sunday - arrived Thursday. Of course my color choice was Gun Metal or Space Suit Aluminum... but not as bad as I thought it would be. Wife even said it didn't look bad. I had waited and waited to pull the trigger and at one time was going to buy a black one at a local outfitters for $155 but just couldn't do it. (I love a bargain). However, now that I pulled the trigger, I am so happy I went with the Montbell UL. Hooked the stuff sac on the neck hook and it stuffs to a small size. All together the large weight is 8.55 oz. I was worried about the cuff not being elastic, but the large is tampered and I would have hated the constriction on my wrist. No elastic loop around the waist but again, it is tappered and seems to match my waist to keep drafts to a minimum at most. Two Hand pockets that are zippered. Zippers are good construction. Soft peice of cloth for the zipper to rest in when pulled up fully to close off the neck and ride just under the chin. Not baggy or boxey at all. I am currently 6ft 195 and semi long arms. The large fits perfectly. I put my XL Marmot Precip outer shell over it and the combo well be perfect. Just like a car deal, if the dealer and buyer are happy it's a good sale. Can't speak for Backcountry but I feel it was a Great Sale!

02-06-2015, 22:35
I have had only good experience with Backcountry.

If you are a first time customer, expect a limited time discount on your next purchase.